Forms & Checklists

CERS User Guides

 CERS Annual Submittal Guide - Changes to Information 
 CERS Annual Submittal Guide - No Changes to Information 

Fire Investigation and Patient Care Reports

 Fire Investigation Report 
 Patient Care Report 

Fire System Inspection Forms

 6-Month Fixed Protection System 
 Annual Certification for Radio Communication Systems 
 Annual Fire Alarm Report 
 Cover Sheet for All AES Forms 
 Fire Pump Annual Report (Diesel) 
 Fire Pump Annual Report (Electric) 
 Preaction Annual Report 
 Private Fire Hydrant 5-Year Report 
 Private Fire Hydrant Annual Report 
 Quarterly Sprinkler Report 
 Sprinkler System 5-Year Report 
 Standpipe System 5-Year Report 

Hazardous Materials Business Plan

 Fire Life Safety 

Other Hazardous Materials Forms

 Conditional Exemption Small Quantity Treatment & Conditional Exemption Specified Wastestreams 
 Hazardous Material Closure Report Outline 
 Hazardous Materials Closure Application 
 Hazardous Materials Reporting Exemption Form 
 Public Records Request Form 
 Tiered Permitting Conditional Authorization 
 Tiered Permitting Conditional Exemption Limited 
 Tiered Permitting Permit By Rule 

Plan Check & Inspection Forms

 Aboveground Storage Tank Installation - Class IIIB 
 Aboveground Storage Tank Installation - Diesel 
 Drycleaning Equipment 
 Flammable Liquid Storage Room 
 Food Service Plan Check Sheet 
 Hazardous Materials Storage or Use Areas 
 Limited Spraying Space 
 LPG-Propane Storage 
 Pyroforic & Self-Detonating Gases 
 Spray Finishing 
 Toxic Gas - Exterior Storage 
 Toxic Gas - Interior Use and Storage 
 Underground Storage Tank Installation or Upgrade 

Stormwater & Sanitary Sewer Documents

 C.3 Bioretention Plant List 
 C.3 City Guidelines 
 C.3 Data Form 
 C.3 Infiltration Feasibility Worksheet 
 C.3 Infiltration Harvesting and Use Feasibility Screening 
 C.3 Rainwater Harvest and Use Worksheet 
 C.3 Special Projects Informatio and Worksheet 
 HM-2^ - Environmental Safety Inspection Notice 
 Plan Check Requirements (HM-35) 
 Small Project Fact Sheet - Landscape Dispersion 
 Small Project Fact Sheet - Pervious Pavement 
 Small Project Fact Sheet - Rain Barrel 
 Small Project Fact Sheet - Rain Garden 
 Storm SS Discharge Auto Facility Inspection Notice (FD-21) 
 Storm SS Discharge Inspection Notice (HM-18) 

Underground Storage Tank

 Certificate of Financial Responsibility 
 Designated Operator Agreement 
 Designated Operator Inspection 
 UST Closure Application 
 UST Closure Guidelines