Real Property Transfer (Conveyance) Tax

Tax Rate & Levy

A tax is imposed when any lands or other real property, located in the City of Mountain View, are sold or otherwise conveyed to purchaser(s) and the value of the consideration exceeds one hundred dollars ($100.00).

This tax is levied at the rate of one dollar and sixty-five cents ($1.65) for each five hundred dollars ($500.00) or less of the value of the consideration.

The complete details of the tax are contained in Chapter 29 Article V of the Mountain View City Code.

Refunds & Exemptions

Complete and forward the Real Property Transfer Tax Exemption or Refund form to the address below. The claim form details the conditions under which a request for refund or exemption may be made and the documentation required.

Mail completed form to:

Finance & Administrative Services Department
P.O. Box 7540
Mountain View, CA 94039-7540

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