Wastewater Rates

If you have any questions related to your utility bill, please contact the Revenue Section of the Finance and Administrative Services Department at 650-903-6317.

Wastewater Rates Effective 07/01/22

This is only a partial list of the most common sewer fees. For the complete list of all fees please see the Public Works Water Rates pages in the Master Fee Schedule.

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Residential rate is $50.10 per dwelling unit per month.


Description Rate Per Unit* Minimum
Base Commercial $6.58 $46.06
Commercial/Industrial $11.19 $78.33
Chemical $11.19 $78.33
Groundwater $11.19 $78.33
Liquid Waste $11.19 $78.33
Restaurant $12.83           $89.81
* One unit of water = 1 CCF (100 Cubic Feet) = 748 gallons


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