Kite Lot

kite flying lot

The Kite Lot is a large expanse of open space, an ideal location for flying kites from the beginner’s level to more advanced multi-colored stunt kites. To ensure your own safety at the kite lot area, please be aware of air space regulations administered by the Federal Aviation Administration and the State Aeronautic Act. All kites must be flown at a maximum height of 150’ and may not weigh more than five pounds. Kites should not be flown in the rain, over T.V. or radio antennas or near electric power lines. Never retrieve a kite caught on a power line, telephone pole or light pole. Stunt or dual-line kite flying is allowed at the kite lot, however "combat" flying between kites is not permitted.

If you are organizing an event of more than 40 kite-flying participants, please contact the Shoreline At Mountain View office at (650) 903-6392 and complete a General Use Permit so that we may assist you in ensuring adequate safety and logistics for your event. Kite flying is not permitted in other areas of Shoreline At Mountain View.