BBQ/Picnic Reservations


Reservations for the 2023 BBQ Season (April through October) are now available. All large group BBQ sites at Cuesta Park and Rengstorff Park are available for reservation seven days a week. Family tables at Cuesta Park and Rengstorff Park are available for weekend and holiday reservations

BBQ reservations are not available during the off season (November through March). During the off season, the large BBQs and electricity will be unavailable and bounces house and commercial size barbecues are not allowed. 

Please note, due to recent storms, section four at Cuesta Park BBQ area is not in service. We do not have a timeline for repair or replacement. Please be aware when booking as we will not offer a refund or discount for the space.


Check site/table availability through the Online Reservation Site. Reservations open to Mountain View residents and businesses only.  

To reserve:

All reservations must be made at least three (3) business days prior to desired event date. For reservations for Memorial Day, 4th of July and Labor Day, please submit your BBQ Application either in-person or by email (online reservations are not available for these holidays). For more information or to check availability, call (650) 903-6407 or email


Barbecue Areas and Fee Schedule
Park Large Group Family Table Capacity Fee* Beer/Wine Allowed
Rengstorff Green - 50 $106 with $48 permit
Rengstorff Yellow - 50 $106 with $48 permit
Rengstorff Brown - 50 $106 with $48 permit
Rengstorff Red - 50 $106 with $48 permit
Rengstorff White - 50 $106 with $48 permit
Rengstorff - 1 through 18 8 $15 No
Cuesta 1 - 50 $106 with $48 permit
Cuesta 2 - 50 $106  with $48 permit
Cuesta 3 - 50 $106 with $48 permit
Cuesta 4 - 50 $106 with $48 permit
Cuesta - 10 through 16 8 $15 No
  • At this time, only full day reservations are permitted.
  • Reservations are only available for Mountain View residents and businesses.
  • Family tables available for reservation weekends and holidays only. (first come first serve during weekdays – no fee)
  • A maximum of two (2) Family Tables are permitted to be reserved for a single group allowing for a maximum of 16 people in attendance.
  • No alcohol, air jumpers/bounce house, or portable BBQ's allowed in these areas without a permit and under conditions set forth by the City.
  • For BBQ reservation change or cancellation, please complete the BBQ Reservation Change/Cancellation Form and submit to within 10 business days of your reservation.

Additional Information

General Use Notification (GUN)

  • Groups of 50 or more wishing to use any City park (with the exception of BBQ reservations) need to apply for a General Use Notification.
  • Applications must be submitted at least two weeks prior to your event date, and require a five business day approval process (A $66 fee will be charged)
  • General Use Notifications are only available for Mountain View residents and businesses
  • General Use Notifications do not serve as a reservation and do not give a group priority or exclusive use.
  • General Use Notification (GUN) Application

For more information on obtaining a General Use Notification, call (650) 903-6407 or email