Updated: June 20, 2022


The Forestry Division is open on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM. Any person wishing to walk-in or submit an in-person Heritage Tree Removal application may do so during these hours. Outside of these hours, please call the Forestry Division office at (650) 903-6273 to schedule an appointment.


Updated: July 12, 2021

Current modifications to Heritage Tree appeal process:

City Hall is now open to the public. The Clerk’s Office is open for drop in’s with a capacity of one person in the lobby area and will be open Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. and 2:00p.m. to 5:00 p.m. It is recommended that any person wishing to appeal a heritage tree posting call and make an appointment with the City Clerk’s office at 650 903 6304. Appeals must be scheduled and processed by the date indicated on the posting.

Forestry Division Heritage Tree Removal Applications & Appeals

 Forestry Division Heritage Tree Removal Application

Forestry Division Submitted Removal Applications (Current)

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Forestry Division Submitted Appeals


Planning Division Heritage Tree Removal Notices

Planning Division Removal Notices


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Heritage tree faq


How do I know if I have a Heritage tree?


Mountain View’s City Code (Chapter 32, Article II) defines a “Heritage Tree” as a tree with any of the following characteristics:

  • A tree trunk with a circumference of forty-eight inches (48") or more, measured at fifty-four inches (54") above natural grade. Multi-trunk trees are measured just below the first major trunk fork.

  • Any of the following three species of trees with a circumference of twelve inches (12”) or more, measured at fifty-four inches (54”) above natural grade.

    • Quercus (oak)

    • Sequoia (redwood)

    • Cedrus (cedar)

  • A grove(s) of trees designated as “heritage” by the City Council.

What responsibility do I have if there is a Heritage Tree on my property?

Mountain View’s ordinance states that if you own or control real property in the City, you are responsible for maintaining and preserving all Heritage trees in a state of good health.  It is against the City ordinance to willfully injure, damage, destroy, move or remove a Heritage tree unless granted a removal permit by the City.

what if I want to remove a heritage tree on my property?

Heritage Tree Removal Permit Process

Any Heritage Tree(s) proposed for removal requires a removal permit, which is issued by either the Community Services Department’s Forestry & Roadway Division or the Community Development Department’s Planning Division, depending on the type of property:

  • The Community Services Department processes up to 4 Heritage tree removals for all property types when no development permit is required.
  • The Community Development Department Planning Division processes 5 or more Heritage tree removals or when a development permit is required.  

Please refer to “Heritage Tree Removal Permit Process” for more information.

How do I appeal a decision to approve or deny a Heritage tree removal permit?

Heritage Tree Removal Appeal Process

What is the urban forestry board (UFB)?

The Urban Forestry Board (UFB) is a City Council Advisory Body made up of the members of the Parks and Recreation Commission. Tree appeals that have been processed by the Community Services Department’s Forestry & Roadway Division are reviewed by the UFB.


How will I know if a Heritage Tree Removal Application has been submitted or if an appeal has been filed?

For single family and multi-family up to 4 units, you can subscribe to MyMV to be notified when an application has been submitted or an appeal has been filed.




Single Family Homes or Multi-Family Up to 4 Units

Community Services Department’s Forestry & Roadway Division (removal applications)

231 N. Whisman, Mountain View CA

(650) 903-6273



City Clerk’s Office (appeals)

500 Castro St., 1st Floor, Mountain View CA

(650) 903-6304



All other properties (multi-family over 4 units, commercial, industrial, etc.)

Community Development Department’s Planning Division

500 Castro St., 1st Floor, Mountain View, CA

(650) 903-6306