Arbor Day

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Celebrate Arbor Day with a new tree for your yard! The City will make Arbor Day Trees available to Mountain View residents for planting on their property. Residents agree to plant and maintain the tree on their property. The planting event is part of the City’s forestry restoration efforts and the celebration of the State of California’s Arbor Day. Residents who wish to participate may fill out the application form below. The form can be submitted online, emailed to us at or mailed to: Forestry and Roadway Landscape, P.O. Box 7540, Mountain View, CA 94039-7540. The City will deliver the tree of choice to eligible residents in late April or early May. 

Applications are now closed.

Due to the current circumstances with Covid 19, the process for bidding out and ordering trees has been put on hold. In addition, there is no current resources to accept a shipment without violating the rules for the stay at home order and social distancing. As soon as office and field staff are back and available in a substantial capacity, the process to order and get trees delivered will resume.Thank you for your patience through these unprecedented events. 

Generic Form

The undersigned agrees to: (1) accept the tree as requested above, (2) plant the tree as indicated on the application (3) maintain the tree at own expense (tree planting and care information will be provided with tree).


By submitting this application online you are agreeing to the terms set forth above.