Advertise in Preview

Preview Magazine is a 16 page printed product produced three times a year by the Mountain View Center for the Performing Arts (MVCPA).

Advertisers in Preview enjoy great exposure within the Bay Area with a multi-month shelf life with 20,000 copies directly mailed to patrons who have signed up to receive the publication, approximately 2,500 additional copies hand delivered to local hotels, business campuses and apartments, and another 2,500 copies available every day to patrons and visitors in our theatre lobby, where we also showcase sponsors like you to anyone attending our performances or enjoying our lobby art display. 

Advertising in Preview highlights your business to people visiting Mountain View, those working in the area and to local patrons for repeat business and many of our local restaurants and businesses benefit from advertising with us. 

If you are interested in advertising in Preview Magazine, please contact Susannah Greenwood at

Closing Dates:

Events from October - January
In mailboxes by mid September
Space reservation, artwork & payment due July 1

Events from February - May
In mailboxes by mid January
Space reservation, artwork & payment due November 1

Events from June - September
In mailboxes by mid May 
Space reservation, artwork & payment due March 1


Back Cover (7-1/2" x 6-1/2", 4 color): $2,300
Full Page Inside Front or Back Cover (4 color): $2,300
Full Page: $1,590
2/3 Page: $1,165
1/2 Page: $805
1/4 Page: $505
1/6 Page: $410
1/12 Page: $270

COLOR: Spot color is available for an additional $60 per ad.


Full Page *(bleed): Width: 8-1/2" x Height 11"
(*allow 1/8" beyond trim dimensions on all sides that bleed)

Full Page:  Width: 7-1/2" x Height 9-13/16" 

2/3 Page:
Vertical: Width: 4-15/16" x Height 9-13/16" 
Horizontal:  7-1/2" x Height 6-1/16" 

1/2 Page:
Vertical: Width: 4-15/16" x Height 7-5/16" 
Horizontal:  7-1/2" x Height 4-13/16" 

1/4 Page: 
Vertical: Width:
2-3/8" x Height 7-5/16" 
4-15/16" x Height 3-9/16"

1/6 Page: 
Vertical: Width: 2-3/8" x Height 4-13/16" 
Horizontal: 4-15/16" x Height 2-5/16" 

1/12 Page:
Width: 2-3/8" x Height 2-5/16" 

Note: These sizes allow for an approximate 3/16" margin around each ad.

General Information:

  • Advertising payment is due in full upon receipt of camera-ready art of approval of proof
  • Cancellation: Advertising orders are non-cancellable 15 days prior to closing date
  • MVCPA reserves the right to accept, reject of alter any advertising for any reason at any time without liability, even though previously acknowledged or accepted
  • Advertisements in which, in the judgement of the Publisher, looks like editorial pages will be marked "advertisement".
  • All advertising positions are the option of the publisher
  • Advertising is accepted with the understanding that ll the terms, conditions and rates specified here are acceptable to the advertiser or his/her agent
  • MVCPA will not be responsible for the Advertiser's printing materials left thirty days after the publication.

Digital Art Specification:

  • Advertisements must be submitted as camera-ready art or digital file
  • Any designs and.or productions charges (including adjustments or corrections required to supplied ads) will be billed separately to advertiser at cost
  • Digital files should be Mac-compatible in Quark XPress, PDF (press quality), TIFF or EPS file format
  • Microsoft Word and other word processing applications are not suitable formats