The Mountain View Center for the Performing Arts' three theaters and support spaces are available to book for performing arts events, meetings, conferences and educational activities. The Center is dedicated to providing entertainment opportunities for its patrons and access to its 600-seat MainStage, 200-seat SecondStage and 300-seat ParkStage for those booking the performance spaces.









As MVCPA's premiere theater, MainStage illustrates the seamless integration of aesthetics and technology. Arranged in a sweeping arch, the theater's 600 seats provide excellent, unobstructed sight lines. This seating plan maximizes capacity while minimizing theater depth - the last row is only 68 feet from the stage. MainStage feels the performer and audience alike.

High above the orchestra seats, dramatic sky-blue ribbons seeming flow and billow along the ceiling. But theses beautiful sculptures are not mere a adornments. In fact, they are acoustical panels that enhance and focus sound projection, helping to create the superior acoustics of MainStage.

The theater's stage has various technical features - three lifts, movable splay walls, variable proscenium - which allow it to be freely adapted to meet the needs of virtually any event.


A unique octagon shape distinguishes this lovely theater as an ideal space for smaller productions and meetings. With moveable seats and risers, the space can be transformed to create an intimate cabaret, a theater-in-the-round, or a traditional concert setting. With a potential seating capacity of up to 200, SecondStage is an affordable and versatile setting for any type of performance, meeting or event.


Adjacent to verdant Pioneer Park, MVCPA's amphitheatre accommodates an audience of 300 with lawn seating. A delightful place to stage a casual outdoor concert.

Rehearsal Studio

The spacious rehearsal studio is suitable for groups of up to 130 (approximately 55 with food service or up to 85 with a lecture-style layout) and can be booked as a stand alone venue. The studio has access to one restroom and rental does not include any staff; set up and clean up will be the responsibility of the client.

Support Spaces

The full-service Ticket Office utilizes a sophisticated computerized ticketing system with advanced tracking and accounting capabilities. Patrons may access the Ticket Office in-person, online or by a phone system featuring 24-hour electronic ticket ordering capabilities. Most importantly, the office is staffed by trained professionals who understand the importance of customer service.

The dramatic rotunda and lobbies are open, welcoming spaces enhancing patron experience that can also be booked as stand alone venues. Monitors mounted in the lobby permit latecomers to enjoy the performance without disturbing others.

Additional support spaces include, a well-equipped costume shop, scene construction shop, green room, and a full complement of dressing rooms.

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