Mountain View International Film Festival

Presented by the Mountain View Center for the Performing Arts

Saturday, April 24 (day 1)
Sunday, April 25 (day 2)
$20 per day, $35 both days
NOTE: This is a Live Streaming Online Event Virtual

Get tickets to a diverse and inclusive slate of films. including: 6 feature films (41 minutes or more), 16 short films (40 minutes or less) and 7 short films shot on mobile devices. Enjoy comedy, drama and insight into the theme of Race, Equity and Inclusion. And join us for the films, panel discussions, awards and to vote for the audience favorites. Discussions will be open to live chat, polls and Q&A. Grab a ticket for one day or both and join us for the first Mountain View International (Inclusive) Film Festival.

Meet our judges and panelists:

     Shekhar Bassi
     Renan Franzen
     Alka Roy
     Shawn Sykora
     Rene Mendoza
     Mateusz Golebiewski
     Ezra Dweck
     Grim D. Reaper

About us:

We are all about inclusivity and diversity. Performing Arts is our passion, and we are always looking for new ways to support access for all. By showcasing the works of filmmakers, connecting them to panelists in their field and celebrating diversity and inclusion, we hope to light the spark that opens up a whole new generation of ideas, imagination and unconventional approaches to storytelling. This year's theme "Race, equity and inclusion" is at the core of our mission. We encourage filmmakers to express what this means to them in whatever genre they wish to explore, including: action/adventure, sci-fi, fantasy, documentary, mockumentary, animation or something more experimental. Filmmakers will be able to connect with peers, experts and personalities. Audience members will be able to watch the process, participate in after-film discussions and vote for their favorite film entries.