Mountain View Veterans Memorial

The Veterans Memorial is located at Eagle Park, 650 Franklin Street in Mountain View. Any individual or organization may buy an engraving to honor or thank a U. S. Veteran of Mountain View or from another community who served honorably. Veterans are those who are still serving or have served, whether living or deceased, serving domestically, overseas, in peace or combat, regardless of length of service.

Each 3" x 5" engraving consists of one to three lines, with a maximum of 17 characters per line (including spaces and periods). Engravings will be on black granite panels mounted on the columns of the curved wall at Eagle Park. A gold star will be added to designate veterans killed in action. The remaining seventeen black, granite panels will be installed on an on-going basis until the memorial is complete.



Each panel requires 16 engravings to be purchased before installed. Granite panel installation can take up to 4-5 years.  There is an interest list on file with the Shoreline office.  To be added to the interest list please contact Shoreline at the information shown below. Shoreline will periodically contact interested individuals and once 16 engravings have been confirmed, the granite panel will be created and installed.

Applications will be provided once 16 engravings have been confirmed. 

For questions, contact the Shoreline Administrative Office at 650-903-6392 or email    

Dedication Ceremony - November 11, 2015

The Dedication Ceremony for the Veterans Memorial was held on November 11, 2015 to commemorate the first round of personal engravings, military service emblems, and a fourth Veteran's recognition plaque.  Over 500 people attended the ceremony, which was videotaped by KMVT cable television and is also available for purchase.  The guide to the current engravings lists honorees or sponsors and shows the location of the engraving by column number.

Eagle park concept

Military service emblems and black granite panels will appear on existing curved wall at
Eagle Park, 650 Franklin St., Mountain View.