Biodiversity Strategy and Urban Forest Plan

Biodiversity Strategy and Urban Forest Plan

The City of Mountain View is developing a comprehensive Biodiversity Strategy (Strategy) to preserve and enhance the diversity of plants, trees, and wildlife in parks and on other public and private lands. The Strategy will articulate a vision that incorporates the principles of protection, restoration, design, and community engagement. Development of the Strategy is included as a Sustainability and Climate Resiliency initiative in the City Council’s Strategic Work Plan. The Strategy will create guiding principles and build upon the City’s existing plans and projects that affect and influence biodiversity. 

The Strategy will also include a new Urban Forest Plan, which will replace the existing Community Tree Master Plan and will help preserve and enhance tree canopy in Mountain View through updated standards for landscaping, tree protection, removals, and replanting. 

Multiple departments, including Community Services, Public Works, Community Development, and Sustainability are collaborating on this project as the Strategy will influence a number of City plans, policies, and projects, including the Shoreline Wildlife Management Plan, Parks and Recreation Strategic Plan, Active Transportation Plan, Heritage Tree Ordinance, Landscaping Ordinance, Lighting Ordinance, and City Capital Improvement Program and projects.

The City has contracted with San Francisco Estuary Institute to provide consulting services to create the City’s first Biodiversity Strategy and Urban Forest Plan. A secondary consultant will be hired to develop and lead a robust public outreach element of the project. Work on the project will begin in October 2022, and it is anticipated that it will be completed by the end of 2023.

Get Involved!

As the Biodiversity Strategy and Urban Forest Plan is being developed, there will be plenty of opportunities to get involved and provide your feedback. We will list all meetings and outreach opportunities here.

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Previous Plan

Community Tree Master Plan (2015)

The Community Tree Master Plan (CTMP) was developed and adopted in 2015 and has served as a guide for managing, enhancing, and growing Mountain View’s tree canopy. The 2015 CTMP was intended to serve the City for 10 years, with a modest data analysis to be completed at the five-year mark with an update on the City’s tree canopy status and an opportunity to make minor recommendations to relevant guidelines and practices. The five-year update was scheduled to begin in 2020 but was delayed due to COVID-19-related impacts. Work on the CTMP update began in 2021 with Davey Resource Group (the original consultant team that created the 2015 plan). Based on input and feedback received from the Parks and Recreation Commission (PRC) and the public during the update process, the need for a more robust update to the CTMP was realized and staff saw the opportunity to expand the scope of the Biodiversity Strategy to include a new Urban Forest Plan. By incorporating and updating the goals, objectives and implementation of the 2015 CTMP, the new Urban Forest Plan will be a progressive framework for tree preservation and enhanced canopy to include a reporting approach to ensure awareness and progress on the plan.