Environmental Sustainability Task Force


A group of Mayor appointed citizens, the Environmental Sustainability Task Force has helped the City shape its sustainability goals. The Task Force convened in February 2008 and concluded its work in September 2008.


To recommend achievable short-term and long-term community-wide actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and create a sustainable environment.


To meet or exceed California's requirements for emissions reduction.

Task Force Focus Areas

The Environmental Sustainability Task Force identified 11 areas in which to focus its research and recommendations, and formed a working group for each area. Use the links below to access the Google group for each working group in 2008. 

Adaptation to Climate Change Suburban Natural Ecosystems and Biodiversity
Baseline and Measurements Sustainable Quality of Life
Built Environment Transit and Transportation
Energy/Renewable Energy Waste, Waste Reduction and Recycling
Land Use Planning Water
Communications, Green Business, Public & School Outreach

Task Force Schedule

Schedule of Working Group Meetings & Chairperson Contact Information

Final Report

The Environmental Sustainability Task Force presented its Final Report to the City Council in September 2008.


Environmental Sustainability Task Force
 Council Agenda and Item 4.3 Power Purchase Agreement 05.08.12 
 Council Report - Residential Energy Program 
 Energy Final Report - First Draft - 07-09-08 
 Energy Price and Inflation Assumptions - 06-03-08 v2 
 Energy Price and Inflation Forecasts 
 Energy Recommendations - Preliminary 
 Env Sus Task Force Schedule 7.7.08 
 Env Sust Task Force Schedule 7.14.08 
 Environmental Sustainability Action Plan 
 Environmental Sustainability Action Plan - ESAP-2 
 Environmental Sustainability Action Plan 2 
 Environmental Sustainability Task Force Final Report 
 Environmental Sustainability Task Force Public Input Flyer 5.19.08 
 Environmental Sustainability Task Force Schedule 5.1.08 
 Environmental Sustainability Task Force Working Group Meetings 5.1.08 
 ES Task Force Agenda 2.21.08 
 ES Task Force Steering Committee Memo 2.21.08 
 ESTF Agenda 09.15.08 
 ESTF Agenda 09-08-08 
 ESTF Agenda 2-25-08 
 ESTF Agenda 3-3-08 
 ESTF Agenda 4.21.08 
 ESTF Agenda 4.28.08 
 ESTF Agenda 4.7.08 
 ESTF Agenda 5.19.08 
 ESTF Built Environment Final Report, First Draft 7.28.08 
 ESTF CA Emissions Reduction 
 ESTF City Case Studies 
 ESTF Committee Notes 2-25-08 
 ESTF Copy of Community-Wide Baseline Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory 
 ESTF Green Vehicles 
 ESTF Items Raised by Bruce England 
 ESTF Menlo Park 
 ESTF Minutes 2-21-08 
 ESTF Minutes 3.24.08 
 ESTF MV GHG Inventory 
 ESTF Palo Alto 
 ESTF Public Input Meeting Flyer 
 ESTF San Mateo 
 ESTF Schedule 4.8.08 
 ESTF Steering Committee Agenda - 07.07.08 
 ESTF Steering Committee Agenda - 07.21.08 
 ESTF Steering Committee Agenda - 07-14-08 
 ESTF Steering Committee Agenda 06.16.08 
 ESTF Steering Committee Agenda 06.23.08 
 ESTF Steering Committee Agenda 06-09-08 
 ESTF Steering Committee Agenda 08.04.08 
 ESTF Steering Committee Agenda 4.28.08 
 ESTF Steering Committee Agenda 7.28.08 
 ESTF Steering Committee Minutes - 06.23.08 
 ESTF Steering Committee Minutes - 07-07-08 
 ESTF Steering Committee Minutes 06.09.08 
 ESTF Steering Committee Minutes 06.16.08 
 ESTF Steering Committee Minutes 06-03-08 
 ESTF Steering Committee Minutes 07.14.08 
 ESTF Steering Committee Minutes 07.28.08 
 ESTF Steering Committee Minutes 08-04-08 
 ESTF Steering Committee Minutes 2-25-08 
 ESTF Steering Committee minutes 4.7.08 
 ESTF Steering Committee Minutes 7.21.08 
 ESTF Suggested Task Force Ad Hoc Committees 
 ESTF Task Force Agenda 4.28.08 
 ESTF Task Force Sub-committees 
 EUMV Launch Press Release (FINAL) 
 Land Use Final Report - First Draft - 07-09-08 
 Land Use Primary Presentation 
 Minutes 04-21-08 
 Mountain View City Government Org Chart 
 MV Envl Sust Task Force Final Report 
 MV Envl Sust Task Force Report - FINAL 
 MV Envl Sust Task Force Report - FINAL.1 
 MV Task Force Working Group Info 4.4.08 
 MV Task Force Working Group Schedule 2 
 MV Task Force Working Group Schedule 3.11.08 
 New Final Report 
 Notes from 04/21/08 
 Notes from 04-28-08 Meeting 
 Notes from 3.10.08 Task Force Meeting 
 Notes from 4.21.08 Task Force Meeting 
 Notes from 4.7.08 Task Force Meeting 
 Notice To Bidders Whisman 04-25 
 Steering Committee Agenda 6.16.08 
 Steering Committee Agenda 06-03-08 
 Suburban Natural Ecosystems Final Report - First Draft 
 Suburban Natural Ecosystems Preliminary Presentation 
 Sustainable Quality of Life Final Report – First Draft 
 Sustainable Quality of Life Recommendations - Preliminary 
 Task Force Ad Hoc Committee Schedule 
 Task Force Agenda 05-19-08 
 Task Force Agenda 3-24-08 
 Task Force Application 
 Task Force Minutes 04-28-08 
 Task Force Minutes 05-19-08 
 Task Force Minutes 3.3.08 
 Task Force Minutes 3-10-08 
 Task Force Schedule 
 Task Force Schedule 4.7.08 
 Task Force Steering Committee Agenda -06-03-08 
 Task Force Steering Committee Agenda 3.10.08 
 Transit and Transportation Preliminary Presentation 
 Transportation Final Report - First Draft 07.22.08 
 Waste Final Report - First Draft 07.23.08 
 Waste Recommendations - Preliminary 
 Water Final Report 
 Water Recommendations - Preliminary 
 Working Group Info 4.7.08 
 Working Group Meetings 4.11.08 
 Working Group Schedule 3-14-08 


 CESC Agenda 12.15.08 
 CESC Staff Report 12.15.08 


 CESC Agenda 11.12.08 
 CESC Fast Start Recommendations 
 CESC Minutes 11.12.08 
 CESC Staff Report 11.12.08 


 CESC Agenda 10.23.08 
 CESC Minutes 10.23.08 


 CESC Minutes 10.12.08 


 Communications Final Report - First Draft 08.01.08 
 Communications Final Report - First Draft 08.01.08 


 Adaptation to Climate Change Final Report - First Draft 


 Baseline Final Report - First Draft - 07.03.08 


 Adaptation Recommendations (Adaptation to Climate Change Working Group) 
 Built Environment Recommendations 


 Baselines and Measurements Preliminary Presentation 


 CMV Sustainability Projects 
 Copy of Draft Schedule 3-11-08 
 Copy of Draft Schedule.1 3-11-08 


 CESC Agenda 1.26.09