Help us shape City programs to expand transportation options, improve the energy efficiency of buildings, increase the use of clean energy, and reduce waste. With your input, we can make Mountain View a leader in sustainability and improve our quality of life. Tell us what you think through our 10-minute survey. The survey will close on August 28, 2018, 11:59 p.m.





Our Vision

Through the Environmental Sustainability Program, the City envisions "a thriving community where residents and businesses actively consider the environmental impact of their daily activities, and strive to leave the world better than they found it."

Toward this goal, the City engages with residents, businesses, and municipal staff to collaboratively develop policies and implement programs that reduce carbon emissions and other environmental impacts. Together, the City and community can transform Mountain View into a model of sustainable development in support of a resilient Bay Area. As described in the 1987 United Nations Brundtland Commission Report, sustainable development "meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs."

We welcome your questions, comments, or suggestions about the Environmental Sustainability Program through our Ask Mountain View feature.

Environmental Sustainability Task Force

The Environmental Sustainability Task Force 2 (ESTF-2) is a Council Advisory Body of appointed community members who live or work in Mountain View. The purpose of the ESTF is to (1) evaluate and recommend whether and how current City sustainability plans and goals should be modified based on new technologies and processes for addressing climate change, and (2) support and extend the capacity of City sustainability staff to develop and implement strategies, programs, and projects to meet the City’s climate goals.

ESTF-2 has developed 36 recommendations for specific actions the City can take to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the areas of transportation, buildings and land use, circular economy and waste, outreach, regional collaboration, and legislative advocacy, and measurement and metrics.

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Take the Top 10 Challenge!

On Earth Day 2017, we put together a list of ten things you can do to help move us towards a more sustainable future. Take the Top 10 Challenge today! Mark actions you are already doing with a "X" and those you are committing to with a check mark. Commit to at least one additional action this year!

Raffle Winners in Action!

Community members who stop by our table at events are entered into a raffle. Raffle winners from recent events are pictured here with their prizes—products from an “eco-kit” filled with environmentally friendly goodies!

Jenn says: “My kids were excited to have bamboo utensils for their lunch boxes — I might have to get a second set! I got a friend to photograph me with my beautiful new water bottle.”

Chris says: “Besides cleaning after cooking, I was working on building a small wooden shelf this weekend, and the soap and bamboo cloth came in handy for cleaning the iron pipes that I'm using as the table legs. I also used the reusable bag for the supplies I bought from the hardware store.”


Welcome to our New Electricity Provider

The City of Mountain View is a founding member of Silicon Valley Clean Energya new electricity provider, which will provide 100% carbon-free electricity and up to 100% renewable energy to residents and businesses in the community starting in April 2017! For more information about this program:


The City hosted two community meetings with SVCE representatives in Spring 2017. More than 100 people attended these events to learn about our new electricity provider. If you were unable to attend, slides from the meetings can be found here:

A Message from the City's Sustainability Coordinator

"The City of Mountain View has a history of protecting the environment over several decades, and views sustainability as an integral part of the way we operate and provide service to our community. This focus enables us not only to use our resources more efficiently but also to create a safer, more livable community.

Recognizing the importance of public input, in 2008 the City convened a community-led sustainability Task Force that delivered more than 89 recommendations on what Mountain View should do to become more sustainable in the short- and long-term. In 2009 and 2010 and City Council adopted community-wide and municipal operations carbon targets, with a bold goal of 80% below our 2005 levels by 2050.

I'm happy to report that the City reduced carbon emissions from its operations 18% between 2005 and 2010, exceeding its reduction target by 3%. However, due to strong economic growth in recent years Mountain View is 12% shy of its community wide reduction target as of 2012. So, while great progress has been made in our operations, we have work to do as a community to transition our homes, offices, and vehicles to clean energy sources, better utilize public transportation, and be more mindful about the amount of energy, water, and products we consume.

With climate change upon us, it's time for all of us to roll up our sleeves. We welcome your on-going collaboration in creating solutions that protect and enhance our City for the enjoyment of current and future generations."

Steve Attinger
Environmental Sustainability Coordinator

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