Short-Term Rental (STR) Housing

In December 2018, the City Council adopted new regulations

for short term rentals in Mountain View. In addition to setting operating standards for short term rentals, the Short Term Rental Ordinance clarifies that short term rentals are subject to transient occupancy tax (TOT).



  • Registration - properties being used or advertised as STRs must start to register with the City. A grace period will be given through September 1, 2019 before compliance warnings will be issued.



  1. Get a business license.
    * Complete  the business license application form 
    • Use NAICS Code: 531110
    • Use Mountain View Business Code: 6800
    * AND Complete the Self-certification Affidavit Form for Short-Term Rentals  
  2. Complete the Transient Occupancy Tax Registration 
  3. Submit all 3 forms to the City.

    Bring the forms in to the Community Development Department on the 1st Floor of City Hall (500 Castro St., Mountain View                               
    Mail all of the completed forms to: City of Mountain View, Finance & Admin Services Department, PO Box 7540 Mountain View, California, 94039             
    email them to

    NOTE: It may take four-to-five business days for the City to process and return with your new business license number.
  4. Once you have your business license number, submit an STR Registration Application online here: STR Registration Portal. You will need to upload copies of your business license and the self-certification affidavit to the STR registration portal. 

NOTE: TOT collection is the responsibility of the STR host/operator and is due quarterlySee TOT information page.

  • ONGOING EACH QUARTER: Complete a Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT) Return and mail it with your payment to City of Mountain View, Finance & Admin Services Department, PO Box 7540, Mountain View, California, 94039 or bring them in person to the City Hall Finance and Admin Services on the Second Floor at 500 Castro St., Mountain View.

Current Short-Term Rental Fees

The current City schedule of fees for short-term rentals may be viewed and downloaded here

Operations Standards

  • No Limit for Hosted Rentals – There shall be no limit on the number of days a property may be used as a hosted short-term rental. Hosted rentals are defined as rentals where the operator is present onsite throughout the rental.
    • Accessory Dwelling Unit Rentals – If the operator is present onsite in the primary dwelling on a property throughout the rental, short-term rentals in Accessory Dwelling Units shall be considered hosted rentals.
  • 60 Day Annual Limit for Unhosted Rentals - Unhosted rentals, where the operator is not present onsite, properties may only be used a maximum of 60 nights per year.
  • No Special Events - weddings, parties, corporate gatherings and other similar events which have the potential to cause traffic, parking, noise, trash or other impacts in the neighborhood are allowed at the short-term rental property during the short-term rental.
  • Occupancy Limit - Per the California Building Code, Chapter 3, Section 310.5 – Use and Occupancy Classifications, STRs are considered congregate residences, and must have 10 or fewer occupants.
  • Local Contact Requirement - STR operators must provide the City and neighbors in properties adjacent to the short-term rental with the contact information for a local person who can respond to concerns and complaints within 60 minutes.
  • Transient Occupancy Tax - similar to hotel guests, STR guests/renters must pay Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT), equivalent to 10 percent of the rental cost in accordance with Chapter 33 of the Mountain View City Code (link to relevant City code)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)