CNC Neighborhood Meetings

Each year the CNC holds three to four neighborhood meetings that bring together Councilmembers, City staff, and neighborhood residents. It is an opportunity for residents to speak directly to Councilmembers and staff about the concerns in your neighborhood. The meetings are an open forum to hear suggestions from residents about improving City services.

Program Information

Meetings are held in six different areas of the City, as shown on the neighborhood meeting areas map, plus a special community meeting is held for mobile home park residents. A neighborhood meeting is held every other year in each neighborhood area and with mobilehome park residents. Notices for neighborhood meetings are sent to every resident in the area, ground signs are posted, and ads are placed in the Voice. You can also find a listing of the annual neighborhood meetings on the CNC calendar. If you are unable to attend a neighborhood meeting, meeting reports are available and will have the questions and written staff responses on the issues discussed at the meeting.