Living in Vehicles and Homeless Information

Homeless and Unstably Housed in Mountain View

Homelessness is a significant and growing issue, driven in large part by shortfalls in housing supply and affordable housing throughout the region and the State. Since 2016, the City has developed programs and policies and dedicated over $9.9 million (as of Aug. 4, 2021) in funding to serve homeless and unstably housed residents. Throughout this time, the City has actively collaborated with the County and community-based organizations that have staff expertise and dedicated funding streams for working with homeless and vulnerable populations.

The needs and services related to homelessness can be viewed within a continuum for “coordinated care,” which includes homelessness prevention, rapid rehousing, permanent supportive housing, emergency shelter, and interim/temporary housing. Across this continuum, services also include programs to meet basic health and safety needs that are important in their own right and also support the ability to sustain stable housing. The efforts of the City and the City’s partners in these areas, both longstanding and described below.

The City is a committed and recognized leader in addressing the regional problem of insufficient housing supply, looking at all options, and taking meaningful actions by leading in areas such as:

  • August 4, 2021 Memorandum on City Initiatives to Assist Homeless and Unstably Housed Residents
  • Adopted an extension of the shelter crisis to provide flexible and streamlined options for safe parking permits
  • Supported the startup of a local non-profit to provide safe parking services
  • Worked to secure five active safe parking lots for Mountain View participants Mountain View – resulting in the City having up to 101 spaces
  • Funded and completed the significant site preparations for three of these lots including providing water service
  • Created an innovative safe parking ordinance to ensure the public’s safety link to Muni-Code
  • Established a streamlined safe parking lot permit/approval process during a shelter crisis
  • Expanded land use options for sheltering (link to Muni-Code and link)
  • Updating our longer-term strategies to address needs (Link to the adopted Consolidate Plan)
  • Implemented domestic sewage prohibitions and Class II Bike Lane safety restrictions (link to Muni-Code)
  • Led the development longer-term state legislative solutions to promote safe parking for all cities in conjunction with Assemblymember Berman and Ting’s Offices (Link to AB 2553)
  • Supported the Human Relations Committee (HRC) Subcommittee Safe Parking Outreach, and the effort to secure additional safe parking lots for Mountain View participants
  • Updated the homeless needs assessment and goals for responding to homelessness for the 2020-2025 Consolidated Plan in support of Community Development Department
  • Served on committees for the County Community Plan to End Homelessness