Mountain View Mediation Program

Voluntary, Community-based Mediation

The Mountain View Mediation Program provides fast, free and confidential mediation to help people come together to talk about and potentially solve their disputes in a controlled environment. As possible solutions arise, trained mediators help guide participants toward a resolution of their own making. The process is designed to be a way to easily resolve disputes. When people decide to participate in the program, 80% of cases are resolved. 

If you are interested in learning more, or would like to open a case, contact Project Sentinel, the organization that administers the Mountain View Mediation Program. A case manager will talk with you confidentially about your concerns, provide general information, and discuss possible options, including mediation.


  • A noise issue between two tenants
  • A return of a security deposit disagreement between a tenant and a landlord
  • A neighbor's dog barks late into the night and damaged a common fence
  • A couple has a dispute with a local merchant regarding a purchased product or services
  • An employee at a local company has an ongoing conflict with a co-worker
  • A consultant claims a business owes her additional fees for work performed on a project
  • A roommate wants to move out of a shared apartment

The Mountain View Mediation Program also assists the City of Mountain View Rent Stabilization Program by providing free mediation and conciliation services to landlords and tenants in Mountain View. In Fiscal Year 2018-19, they helped to resolve 180 issues for rental properties in Mountain View, reducing the number of rent increase and/or decrease petitions filed with the City.

The Mountain View Mediation Program can be reached at (650) 960-0495 or 

Mountain View Mediation Program Brochures