Maps and Subdivisions

The Subdivision Ordinance is Chapter 28 of the City Code and is based on the State Subdivision Map Act. The ordinance regulates all divisions of land and air space, including lot mergers to consolidate smaller parcels into larger development areas.

The City encourages applicants interested in new development to consider consolidating smaller parcels into larger development areas. During the development review process, staff will assist in identifying the appropriate subdivision process. Below is information on various maps and subdivisions.


Lot Line Adjustment - A map which adjusts the property lines of two or more existing and/or adjacent parcels. This map is often used to merge two or more parcels into a single parcel. The total number of parcels after the lot line adjustment cannot be greater than the total number of parcels before the lot line adjustment.
Parcel Map - A map required for the subdivision of land in which four or less parcels are created or for eliminating lot lines. Such subdivisions of land must be approved by the Subdivision Committee.
Tentative Map - A map required for subdivision of land in which five or more lots are created. Such subdivisions must be approved by the City Council.