Precise Plans

Precise Plans are a tool for coordinating future public and private improvements on specific properties where special conditions of size, shape, land ownership, or existing or desired development require particular attention. The City has 25 Precise Plan areas, which are colored light gray on the Zoning Map and designated as P(1) through P(41).

Zoning Label Precise Plan Name Last Updated
P(5) 460 North Shoreline Boulevard January 2018
P(6) San Ramon January 1986
P(7) Mayfield June 2006
P(8) San Antonio Station December 2014
P(13) California - Ortega June 1987
P(14) 2100 California Street April 1986
P(17) Villa Mariposa June 2019
P(18) Evelyn Avenue Corridor April 2010
P(19) Downtown June 2019
P(23) Castro - Miramonte Triangle March 1975
P(24) El Camino Medical Park April 2005
P(25) Grant - Phyllis Triangle March 1977
P(26) Grant - Martens January 2003
P(27) Grant - Phyllis July 1986
P(28) 1101 Grant Road March 1977
P(29) 111 Ferry-Morse Way July 1985
P(30) Sylvan - Dale March 2005
P(31) Mora - Ortega February 2012
P(32) Evandale December 1997
P(35) Whisman Station August 2005
P(37) South Whisman June 2009
P(38) El Camino Real June 2019
P(39)  North Bayshore (Go to Webpage) December 2021
P(40) San Antonio May 2019
P(41) East Whisman (Go to Webpage) October 2020