R3 Multifamily Residential Zoning District Update

The City’s 2021-23 Strategic Roadmap Action Plan prioritizes Intentional Development & Housing Options, including:

  • an increase in the quantity and diversity of housing (such as stacked flats),
  • opportunities for affordable housing as well as home ownership, and
  • neighborhoods with nearby transit, jobs and amenities that balance density with livable, green, mixed-use development. 

To address this priority, City staff are working on revisions to the R3 zoning development standards that consider form-based standards, incentivizing stacked flats, and update rowhouse design guidelines.

The R3 Zoning District Update can better address neighborhood conditions, enable more diverse housing including stacked flats, and create more predictable outcomes.

Here is a map of all R3 zoned properties citywide. 

Neighborhood workshops

2022 Flyer - English/Spanish/Chinese



After these workshops, the project team will put together alternatives for EPC and Council review in early 2023. After Council direction on a preferred alternative, Environmental Review will begin.  Adoption is expected by late 2023 or early 2024.  


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public meetings

This project will be heard at the following public meetings:

  • None currently scheduled.

Prior Public Meetings

The following public meetings on the project have occurred:

  • April 13, 2021 - City Council Study Session (see Item 3.1 Staff Report and Materials).
  • March 17, 2021 - Environmental Planning Commission Study Session (see Item 5.1 Staff Report and Materials). 
  • November 16, 2020 - Community Meeting #2 reviewed input from Community Meeting #1 and presented options on changes to the Draft R3 Zoning District development standards (see Presentation Video and Slides).
  • October 26, 2020 - Community Meeting #1 presented ideas and gathered input on potential changes to the R3 Zoning District development standards (see Presentation Video and Slides).
  • October 13, 2020 - City Council Study Session to discuss initial findings regarding multifamily residential development in the R3 zoning district (see Staff Report and Materials). 
  • November 12, 2019 - City Council authorized the scope of work for the project (see Staff Report and Materials).

Environmental Review

As Lead Agency, the City of Mountain View will conduct environmental review for this project in accordance with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). Materials will be posted on this website when available. 


For more information or questions, please contact Eric Anderson, Advanced Planning Manager, by phone at 650-903-6306 or email.


For multilingual assistance in Spanish, Russian, and Chinese, please contact the City's Multilingual Community Outreach Program at 650-903-6145.


Если вам нужен перевод на русский, испанский и китайский языки, свяжитесь с городской многоязычной программой связи с населением по телефону 650-903-6145.

Para obtener asistencia multilingüe en español, ruso y chino, comuníquese con el Programa de Alcance Comunitario Multilingüe de la Ciudad al 650-903-6145.