North Bayshore Precise Plan Bonus FAR


In May 2015 the City Council allocated office Bonus FAR to certain proposed North Bayshore projects.  Several of these Bonus FAR projects, including Broadreach (1625 Plymouth Street), Shashi hotel (1625 North Shoreline Boulevard), and Google Landings (1861, 1875 and 2003 Landings Drive), submitted applications and are in different stages of review or implementation.  Two sites that received office Bonus FAR allocations, the ‘Rees’ property (2690 Casey Avenue) now owned by Google and the Shoreline Commons site (1400 and 1500 North Shoreline Boulevard) now owned by SyWest and Google, have not yet submitted Bonus FAR applications.  The North Bayshore Precise Plan requires the Commons site be ‘master planned’, with an integrated land use and circulation plan that meets the policy goals established by the General Plan and North Bayshore Precise Plan.  SyWest and Google have not achieved agreement on a Master Plan for the Commons site.

The 2015 Bonus FAR allocation process sought to allocate office FAR to projects that best implemented the 2014 North Bayshore Precise Plan principles through site redevelopment, infrastructure improvements, and community benefits.  The City amended the North Bayshore Precise Plan in 2017 and it now allows significant residential uses.

As noted in the North Bayshore Precise Plan (Appendix F – Bonus FAR Review Guidelines, Section E), “if Bonus FAR development projects are substantially modified from the original qualifying Bonus FAR request, either by project scope or FAR amount, then the request shall return to the City Council for review and requalification.

Google and SyWest Bonus FAR Submittals

Google and SyWest submitted Bonus FAR applications to the City on November 30, 2018 which are substantially modified from their original Bonus FAR allocation.  Therefore, a City Council meeting to consider these Bonus FAR applications will be held in 2019.  Please check the City Council tentative agenda list here for when this meeting will be scheduled. Links to these applications are also included below: 

Please contact Martin Alkire, Principal Planner, by email or phone at (650)903-6306 with any questions.