LinkedIn Campus Redevelopment

In March 2017, LinkedIn Corporation submitted an informal application to develop a new 28.7-acre corporate campus at 700 & 800 E. Middlefield Road and 1100 W. Maude Avenue, which includes:

  • 3 new 6-story office buildings,
  • 2 new 6-level parking garages (with one level below-grade),
  • retaining 3 existing 2-story office buildings,
  • remove all surface parking lots, and
  • remove approximately 135 Heritage trees, with a minimum replanting of 3 newtrees for every one tree removed.

Project approval

On November 27, 2018, the City Council approved the LinkedIn Campus Redevelopment project (see Staff Report - Item 6.2): 

 For questions or comments, please contact Diana Pancholi, Principal Planner, by phone at (650) 903-6306 or by email.