Google Landings

In 2018, Google Inc. submitted an application for a Master Plan to create a shared parking district; a Planned Community Permit and Development Review Permit to construct a 6-story, 800,000 square foot office building with one-level of podium parking, and a four-level parking structure to replace an existing office building on a 30-acre project site; a Heritage Tree Removal Permit to remove 414 Heritage trees; with all sites located in the P-39 (North Bayshore) Precise Plan area.

The project encompasses three separate sites:

1. a proposed new office building on Landings Drive (Landings Office Building), south of Charleston Road, west of Permanente creek and north of US-101,

2. a proposed new parking structure between Alta Avenue and Huff Avenue at the midblock between Charleston Road and Plymouth Street, and

3. a proposed new parking lot at 1851 Charleston Road to serve the office building at 1875 Charleston Road, north of the Landings Office building. 

Project Approval

On June 23, 2020, the City Council approved the project:


For questions or comments, please contact Stephanie Williams, Planning Manager/Zoning Administrator, at (650) 903-6306 or email.