Cannabis refers to all parts and varieties of the cannabis plant. Cannabis is also commonly referred to as marijuana, pot, or weed. Commercial cannabis includes medical or non-medical/adult-use cannabis and associated products.

commercial cannabis activity in mountain view

Commercial cannabis activity is currently illegal in Mountain View. The City Council has directed staff to develop a permitting and regulatory scheme for commercial cannabis activity by the end of 2018. Commercial cannabis activity includes cultivation, possession, manufacture, distribution, processing, storing, laboratory testing, packaging, labeling, transportation, or sale of cannabis and cannabis products.

Mountain view regulations

The City's current regulations on Cannabis can be found here.

state regulations

California voters legalized adult-use cannabis by approving Proposition 64 in November 2016. While personal adult-use cannabis activity became immediately legal upon the passage of Proposition 64, commercial cannabis activity requires a State license. On January 1, 2018, the Bureau of Cannabis Control began issuing temporary commercial cannabis licenses; however, local jurisdictions retain the ability to prohibit and regulate all commercial cannabis activity.

upcoming events:


May 8, 2018 at 5:00 p.m., or as soon thereafter as possible

Mountain View Civic Center
Council Chambers
500 Castro Street, Mountain View

The City Council will discuss policy topics and community outreach results related to the development of regulations for commercial cannabis.  This will not be a public hearing, but public attendance and comments are welcome.

The Staff Report will be available the Friday before the hearing  here.

Community Survey

Thank you to the 1,595 people who responded to the Cannabis Community Survey in February 2018. Results of the survey can be found here.

prior public meetings:

  • Study Session Regarding Regulation of Commercial Marijuana Activities
    • City Council Study Session on September 19, 2017. Meeting agenda and staff report is available online (item 6.1).
  • Temporary Moratorium Prohibiting Commercial Cannabis Activity 
    • City Council Public Hearing on December 5, 2017. Meeting agenda and staff report is available online (item 6.1).
  • Adoption of an Ordinance Extending the Temporary Moratorium Prohibiting Commercial Cannabis Activity
    • City Council Public Hearing on January 16, 2018. Meeting agenda and staff report is available online (item 6.1).
  • Community Outreach Meeting
    • Thank you to the nearly 100 people who attended the Cannabis Community Meeting on February 15, 2018. Written comments and responses to questions not answered in the Q&A Session at the meeting are available here.
  • Study Session Regarding the Development of Commercial Cannabis Regulations
    • EPC Study Session on March 21, 2018. Meeting agenda and staff report is available online (item 5.1). 

If you have questions or comments about commercial cannabis, please contact Clarissa Burke by phone at (650) 903-6306 or by email at 

Para información en español acerca de esta solicitud, comuníquese al (650) 903-6145.