In 2018 and 2019, the City Council adopted cannabis regulations to permit a maximum number of three (3) nonstorefront retail cannabis businesses in Mountain View. All other cannabis businesses are prohibited in the City. 


Cannabis refers to all parts and varieties of the cannabis plant and is commonly referred to as marijuana, pot, or weed. Commercial cannabis includes medical or non-medical/adult-use cannabis and associated products.

Can I use Cannabis in Mountain View?

Personal Possession and Consumption

Medical and adult-use personal cannabis possession and use is legal in Mountain View under the following circumstances:

  • Age: 21 and older
  • Limits: 28.5 grams of non-concentrated cannabis (such as dried flower) or 8 grams of concentrated cannabis products or 6 plants

Driving under the influence of cannabis is illegal and may result in a DUI conviction. Cannabis use is illegal in public. This includes smoking, vaping, ingesting edibles, etc. Cannabis use is further prohibited in the following locations:

  • Where tobacco smoke is prohibited (Chapter 21 of Mountain View City Code)
  • While driving or riding in vehicle
  • At or near schools, day-care centers, or youth centers where children are present
  • At City-owned facilities (indoor or outdoor)
  • Near building entrances

Personal Cultivation

A private residence is permitted to grow no more than six plants for personal use. Indoor and outdoor personal cultivation is permitted at a private residence and must be in a locked space and not visible from a public place. Any building, fire, electrical, plumbing, and mechanical installation must receive the required permits prior to installation. Landlords retain the right to prohibit cannabis cultivation on their properties.

State Regulations

In 2016, California voters legalized adult-use cannabis by approving Proposition 64. While personal adult-use cannabis activity became immediately legal upon the passage of Proposition 64, commercial cannabis activity requires a State license. On January 1, 2018, the Bureau of Cannabis Control began issuing commercial cannabis licenses; however, local jurisdictions retain the ability to regulate (or prohibit) all commercial cannabis activity.

How do i apply for a cannabis business?

PHASE 1: Cannabis Business Screening Application 

Three (3) businesses have been authorized to submit during the application screening period, which was from September 9 to November 8, 2019. No additional applications will be accepted at this time. 

PHASE 2: Application Selection Lottery

If needed based on the number of applications, the Selection Lottery will be held for all eligible applications at a regularly scheduled Administrative Zoning Public Hearing. 

PHASE 3: Planning Application

One (1) specific business has been authorized to submit a Planning Application.

Other helpful resources can be found on the City's Zoning and Application Forms & Fees webpages.

PHASE 4: Conditions of Approval 

An approved Planning Permit will include conditions of approval, which may include ongoing operational conditions or conditions that must be satisfied prior to specific milestones. 



If you have permitting questions, please contact Brittany Whitehill, Assistant Planner, by phone at (650) 903-6306 or by email. All other inquiries should contact the Mountain View Police Department at (650) 903-6344. 

Para información en español acerca de esta solicitud, comuníquese al (650) 903-6145.