North Bayshore Bonus FAR

The City Council adopted the North Bayshore Precise Plan in December 2014, which included a Bonus Floor Area Ratio (FAR) process for new development over 0.45 FAR within the plan area. The deadline to submit a Bonus FAR request was February 27, 2015. Additional Bonus FAR requests may be submitted at a future date, if directed by the City Council.

The Precise Plan has strict transportation improvement requirements, including a vehicle trip cap and single-occupancy vehicle (SOV) trip target. New development must demonstrate how it meets the Plan's vehicle trip cap for all inbound vehicles to the plan area at peak hours and meets a 45 percent SOV target at peak hours. The intent is to improve traffic conditions in the area, particularly along Shoreline Boulevard. Additionally, on a parallel track, the City Council has directed staff to develop a work plan and budget for a study of allowing housing in the plan area.

Background Information and Materials

Application Materials

Required materials for application review included:

Applications Received

The City received seven (7) Bonus FAR requests (see map for locations). Brief descriptions of each proposal are available here. Most proposals include transportation improvements, sustainability and green building features, and community benefits, which are not detailed here. The City Council considered these requests at a public hearing on May 5, 2015, to determine which requests qualify for Bonus FAR and are eligible to submit for development review. (The staff report for the City Council meeting is available here). Following the City Council meeting in May 2015, Planned Community Permits associated with the Bonus FAR requests eligible to move forward will be submitted for review through the City's planning entitlement process.

Public Hearings and Reports

On May 5, 2015, the City Council held a public hearing to review Bonus FAR applications and authorize Bonus FAR project(s) to proceed with applications (Meeting Agenda - Item 6.1).

For questions, please contact Martin Alkire, Principal Planner, by email or phone at (650)903-6306.