City Lot 12

In May 2020, the City Council selected Related/Alta Housing as the preferred development team to redevelop Lot 12, currently a City-owned parking lot with 160 public parking spaces. 

 project Description

In June 2020, Alta Housing submitted an application that includes the following, in accordance with the priorities determined by Council:


  • 120 residential units (all of the units deed-restricted to households earning 80 percent of Area Median Income (AMI) or less);
  • Replacement of all 160 public parking space;.
  • 85 residential parking spaces;
  • 4,250 square feet of community-serving commercial uses, including retail space, a social enterprise café, music and arts school, and space for a non-profit organization; and
  • Three financing scenarios ranging in City subsidy amounts from $4.25 million up to $12 million for the affordable housing units and the non-residential/community-serving commercial uses. All financing scenarios relied on securing external affordable housing funding, including competing for State sources, and a $10 million ground lease payment to the City. 

Public Meetings

The project has been discussed at the following public meetings:

  • May 19, 2020 - Council public hearing on selecting Related/Alta Housing (formally Palo Alto Housing) as the developer of City Lot 12. 
  • October 13, 2020 - City Council held a Study Session to provide input on remaining development priorities for Lot 12, with a majority of Council supporting the following: replace the 160 public parking spaces offsite within Downtown Mountain View, incorporate child care on the ground floor if possible, and work with the County to evaluate alternative options for incorporating some units of rapid rehousing into the project and to seek Measure A funding for the project.
  • November 9, 2020 - A community meeting was held on November 9, 2020. View the Recording of the November 9th Community Meeting (Passcode: G@7#M35%)

Additional Information


Stay Informed


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For questions on the development review process for the project, please contact Krisha Penollar, Associate Planner, at 650-903-6306 or by email. For questions on city funding or partnership on the project, please contact Wayne Chen, Assistant Community Development Director, at 650-903-6379 or by email.