Homelessness is a significant and growing issue, driven by many factors, notably a shortfall in housing supply and affordable housing throughout the region and the State. 

Regional Approach Built with Partnerships

The 2022 Point-in-Time Count is a hopeful sign to the City of Mountain View and our partners at the County of Santa Clara and our many community based organizations (CBOs) who work on the ground each day. This demonstrates that our efforts are working, but more work still needs to be done regionally to address the root causes of homelessness.

Santa Clara County Point-In-Time Count

The County of Santa Clara completes the comprehensive, biannual, “point-in-time” (PIT) homeless count, which serves as a baseline for understanding homelessness in the region. The most recent PIT count was in 2022

This count includes the unsheltered and unstably housed, enumerating those individuals and families who are sheltering in

  • emergency shelters
  • transitional housing
  • on the streets
  • in vehicles
  • abandoned properties
  • other places not meant for human habitation

The overall number of homeless individuals in Santa Clara County remained relatively steady with a 3% increase Countywide (to 10,028). At the same time, there was a 3% decrease in the number of unsheltered individuals.

The next PIT is scheduled for late January 2023 to return to the schedule created prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.

2022 PIT Trends in Mountain View

  • The 2022 PIT count for the City of Mountain View was 346—a decrease of 43% from 2019 when the PIT counted 606 people. Prior to 2022, the PIT counts had increased from 2015 (276 people), 2017 (416 people) and 2019 (606 people).
  • Since the 2019 PIT count was done, the City has opened LifeMoves Mountain View, an interim housing community that has 100 units and provides intensive case management and support services designed to return people to stable housing.  Therefore, the City did anticipate an increase in sheltered individuals experiencing homelessness in our city in comparison to the 2019 count due to our local role in increasing temporary housing capacity in combination with tools to get people back into permanent, supportive housing.

Living in Vehicles Count

In addition to the County count, the City also conducts an annual street-by-street count of vehicles that appear to be in use for living purposes. Over the past five years, the count of vehicles in the public right-of-way used for living has ranged from 200 to 300 vehicles, with the recent counts trending downward.

  • The County’s count considers residents living in recreational and other vehicles as unsheltered.
  • The County’s PIT count was completed before enforcement of the City’s Narrow Street and Bike Lane ordinances began on Oct. 1, 2022.
  • The City will continue its counts of individuals living in vehicles throughout the coming year.


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