Starting A Business In Mountain View

If you are planning to open a business located in the City of Mountain View, or do business within the City's limits, you must first obtain a business license by completing the Business License Application form.

Before beginning the application, please find the correct North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) 6-digit code, the Mountain View 4-digit code and fee payment for your business by clicking on the links below:

For information about Mountain View’s Municipal Codes and Enforcement, please click here and read the provisions under Chapter 18 - Licenses. For questions about obtaining a business license please contact Finance and Administrative Services at (650) 903-6028.

You should also confirm that your type of business is permitted or allowed at the desired location with the Community Development Department at (650) 903-6306. Some additional requirements and approvals required by the City are, but not limited to:

  1. If you intend to alter, remodel, relocate or install any structural, electrical, plumbing or mechanical portions of the building, you will need to obtain Building Permits from the Building Inspection Division at (650) 903-6313.
  2. Businesses involving any use changes, exterior building changes or sign changes should secure Planning Division approval prior to lease execution or purchase. Call (650) 903-6306.
  3. If your business uses or stores hazardous materials (including paints, thinners, solvents, acids, compressed gases, etc.) you may be required to obtain a Hazardous Materials Permit. Contact the Fire Department at (650) 903-6378.
  4. Industries discharging processed wastewater down the sewer, such as machining fluid, water from glass washing, chemical neutralization, etc., may be required to obtain a Wastewater Discharge Permit. Contact the Fire Department at (650) 903-6378.

It may also be necessary for you to obtain other information or approvals prior to having your license filed. For further information on starting a business in Mountain View, please contact the Economic Development Division at 650-903-6424.