Major Mountain View Companies and Development Projects

Mountain View enjoys a strong and diversified local, but globally connected economy and local business success stories are not limited to the technology industry alone. Mountain View has a dynamic mix of businesses ranging from large corporate businesses located in the North Bayshore to small start-up companies in the Downtown Mountain View to national retailers at the San Antonio Shopping Center. Below is a list of major Mountain View companies and businesses.

Major Technology Companies Major Life Science Companies Major Retail Businesses
Alexza Pharmaceuticals Allison BMW
Chemocentryx Costco
Siemens Medical Solutions Marshalls
Pure Storage
Orchard Supply Hardware



Mountain View Development Projects

The City of Mountain View is ideally located along the Peninsula between San Francisco and San Jose and has benefited from its proximity within the Bay Area. In addition to having world class companies and quaint neighborhoods it continues to benefit from significant investments in both housing and commercial development. The map below provides an overview of projects that are working through the entitlement process (permits) or recently completed the process.  You can find more information on each project by clicking on the thumbnail below or visiting our Planning Department webpage

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