New Single Family Home

This page outlines the general plan check submittal requirements for the Building Division. Applicants are required to submit plans and applications directly to the Building Inspection Division. Plans are not accepted by mail. The Building Division is located at 500 Castro Street in City Hall on the first floor in the Community Development Department.

Exterior modifications to buildings or change of use may require Planning review and approval prior to submittal to the Building Division. Please contact the Planning Division for specific requirements that might affect your project at (650) 903-6306.

Two (2) of the plan check sets need to be wet-signed by the designer/architect, contractor or homeowner. A minimum plan size of 18” X 24” is required for all submittals. All plans submitted must be legible because they will be digitally imaged as a permanent record after the project has been completed. Below are common items needed for submittal: 

Common items needed for submittal

Plans submitted need to include:
  • Cover Sheet
  • Site Plan
  • Architectural Plans
  • Structural Plans
  • Civil Plans
  • Electrical Plans
  • Mechanical Plans
  • Plumbing Plans
  • Landscaping Plans
  • Support Documentation
  • Accessibility Upgrades
  • Blueprint for a Clean Bay
Architectural plans to include:
  • Existing Construction
  • Show Habitable & Non-Habitable Area (Sq.Ft.)
  • New Construction
  • Floor Plans
  • Elevations
  • Details & Sections
  • Reflected Ceiling Plans
  • Accessibility Upgrades
Cover sheets need to include:
  • Applicable Codes
  • Construction Type(s)
  • Designer/Architect Data
  • Fire Sprinklers Status
  • Occupancy Type(s)
  • Project Address
  • Owner/Tenant Data
  • Scope of Work
  • Zoning Designation
  • Accessibility Upgrades
Site plans need to include:
  • All Existing Buildings
  • Building Set-Backs
  • Building Square Footage
  • North Arrow
  • Lot Coverage Calculations
  • Lot Size
  • Parking Areas
  • Property Lines
  • Street Orientation
  • Accessibility Upgrades

If project is subject to Public Works Review:

  • Include existing and proposed utilities serving the site and public utility mains with the street including but not limited to water service line, water meter, water main, sewer lateral, sewer cleanout, sewer main, onsite and off-site storm drainage. The Public Works Department can help with as-built data for you site.

Any addition, or equivalent remodel, of 600 sq. ft. is subject to Public Works review, where one or more of the following improvements may be required (some of which may require a sidewalk or excavation permit if located in the public right-of-way):

  • Inspection and replacement of the sanitary sewer lateral;
  • Replacement of the driveway apron to meet accessibility requirements;
  • Reconstruction of a portion of sidewalk, if there are major cracks or breaks;
  • Upsizing the water service and meter, if a fire sprinkler system is installed.
  • Additional project specific conditions.

Residential additions greater than 500 square feet and all new commercial square footage are subject to School Impact Fees. Your project may be affected by the Construction & Demolition Debris Diversion Ordinance implemented by Public Works. Please visit the Public Works' Developers and Contractors webpage for detailed information. Building Inspection staff will evaluate your plans and verify labor and material costs to calculate the required fees. A non-refundable plan check fee, based on the valuation of the project, is due upon submittal.

If you need an estimate of your projects fees, please call (650) 903-6313.



  1. Plan Check Period
    1. Four (4) weeks
  2. Recheck Period
    1. A minimum of ten (10) working days
  3. Plan Check Submittal Requirements
    1. Seven or more (7+) complete sets of plans – Two (2) copies wet stamped & signed
    2. Seven or more (7+) copies of your response to each of the listed conditions within the DRC Findings Report, as required
    3. Two (2) sets of energy calculations – wet signed
    4. Four (4) copies of project manual/specifications
    5. Two (2) sets of structural calculations – wet stamped & signed
    6. Four (4) sets of soils reports (when required) – wet stamped & signed
    7. Eight (8) separate sets of Off-Site Improvement plans, if required by Public Works - See DRC Findings Report for conditions.
    8. Fire Sprinklers will be required per MVCC Sec 14.3.4, Chapter 9, Sec 903.2.


  1. Plan Check Period
    1. Ten (10) working days
  2. Recheck Period
    1. A minimum of ten (10) working days
  3. Plan Check Submittal Requirements
    1. Three (3) complete sets of working drawings
    2. Three (3) complete sets of any support documentation