School Impact Fees

If your construction project contains an addition of five hundred (500) square feet or more of habitable area, your project will be assessed with School Impact Fees per the Government Code.

Title 7. Division 1. Chapter 4.9- Payment of Fees, Charges, Dedications, or other requirements Against a Development Project. Section 65995.

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Projects meeting the aforementioned criteria will be required to visit two of the below school districts facilities to pay your fees. Payment is required to be paid prior to having your building permit issued.

You will be provided the required forms to pay these fees from the Building Division when your project has been approved and is ready to issue.  These fees cannot be collected by the City. You will need to go directly to the school districts office to pay the fees.

Below are the school district addresses:

Elementary / Middle School Districts High School District
Mountain View-Whisman
750-A San Pierre Way
Mountain View, CA 94043
650-526-3500 (map)
Mountain View-Los Altos Union High School
1299 Bryant Avenue
Mountain View, CA 94040
650-940-4650 (map)
Los Altos School
201 Covington Road
Mountain View, CA 94024
650-947-1150 (map)