City Clerk's Office


To maintain official records, administer elections, and provide administrative support to City Council.

About Us

The City Clerk is appointed by the Council. The City Clerk is responsible for facilitating the conduct of business by the Council, and fulfilling legal requirements as set forth in the Charter, City Code, and State law. The City Clerk's Office conducts all City elections, administers campaign and financial disclosure laws, and coordinates responses to California Public Records Act requests submitted to the City.

The Office maintains a true record of all proceedings of the Council; meets all requirements regarding public postings, legal advertising, recordations, and mailing of public hearing notices; and processes Assessment Districts, annexations, deeds, appeals, and initiative petitions.

The Office provides administrative assistance to the Council, edits and maintains the City Code, is custodian of the City Seal, administers oaths or affirmations, and executes City contracts and agreements. The Office also maintains official City records and provides certified copies; administers the recruitment process for positions on Boards, Commissions, and Committees; and assists and provides information to the public regarding the legislative operations of government.