Feral Cats and Wildlife Stakeholder Working Group

Background and Introduction:

In response to a request from City Council during the deliberation of recent updates to the Mountain View Animal Control Ordinance, (see City Code Chapter 5 for animal provisions) the City formed a Feral Cats and Wildlife Stakeholders Working Group to gather input to represent diverse viewpoints on the issue. This informal, ad hoc group was asked to share ideas on how we can better address feral cat populations and protect wildlife in North Bayshore and creek beds.


The goals and outcomes of the Working Group were:

  • Review data and information
  • Discuss and brainstorm ideas and solutions
  • Hold a meeting(s) to discuss share and gather perspectives and best practices
  • Refine solutions
  • Assist in drafting consensus report to the City Council
  • Hold a public meeting(s) to discuss a draft report for additional feedback


Although the Feral Cats and Wildlife Working Group did not establish recommendations through their process this Fiscal Year, there are several steps that staff recommended and the Council affirmed on April 21, 2015 Council Meeting to be undertaken to address some of the concerns raised. Key action steps are summarized below:

Citywide Communications - Increase Public Education on Animal-Related Topics:
  • Enhance use of Citywide com-tools
  • Effort to advise the public and employees in the North Bayshore of important animal–related topics including spay and neuter services, promotion of animals available for adoption, and not feeding animals at Shoreline.
  • One of our first goals is to enhance our online presence with a feature webpage
Shoreline - Continue Efforts at:
  • Trapping in accordance with the Burrowing Owl Preservation Plan
  • SVACA to not release cats back to Shoreline Regional Park
  • Work with SVACA and animal control professionals for advice on present trapping methods
Shoreline - Add Efforts to:
  • Ensure trash on leased property is disposed of properly
  • Address trash dumpsters and trash cans
  • Review signage

Working Group:

The City understands that views can differ, sometimes strongly on this issue, and we thank the following for their willingness to serve and collaborate together. It is the City's goal to facilitate a collaborative and respectful process, and aim to seek consensus recommendations.

  • Silicon Valley Animal Control Authority (SVACA) – (the provider of animal care services to the City): Dan Soszynski, SVACA Executive Director
  • Santa Clara Valley Water District (SCVWD): Joe Chavez, Wildlife Fisheries Biologist II
  • Santa Clara Valley Audubon Society: Shani Kleinhaus, Ph.D., Environmental Advocate
  • Palo Alto Humane Society: Carole Hyde, Executive Director
  • Citizens Committee to Complete the Refuge: Eileen McLaughlin, Board Member
  • Cat Rescue Group: Denise Uriarte, Town Cats
There are also three “At-Large” members who are Mountain View residents: 
  • Casey Leonardo – Cat-related Focus
  • Alan Launer – Bird/Wildlife-related Focus
  • Carol Moholt – General/Neutral Viewpoint

Working Session

The Working Group met informally for working sessions approximately once a month from October 2014 through February 2015. A report summarizing the Working Group's input is expected in Spring 2015. 

Previous Work Sessions:

Public Input

  • The Group also conducted two public meetings for community input, including a professionally facilitated roundtable format.  
  • A report is anticipated to presented to the City Council on April 21, 2015. 
  • For additional information, please contact the City Manager’s Office at city.mgr@mountainview.gov or (650) 903-6301.