Strategic Plan and Visioning

About the City's Strategic Planning and Visioning Process

The City of Mountain View strategic planning and visioning process for Fiscal Years 2021-22 and 2022-23 will result in a strategic roadmap that describes a vision of where the City strives to be in the next 3-to-5 years. The roadmap will also include a multi-year work plan that charts a thoughtful and achievable path forward to accomplish the community’s highest priorities. Community engagement is an important part of the strategic planning process.

The strategic planning and visioning process will get underway in January 2021. It will begin with a discovery phase in which the City's consultant, CivicMakers, will gather information about existing City efforts and identify stakeholders. This effort will be followed by a planning session with the City Council and staff workshops in February. Community focus groups will be held in February and March. 

The process will culminate in June, with adoption of new vision and mission statements, top priorities (similar to the current Council Major Goals), and the projects to accomplish them. 

Get Involved
The City will share information about upcoming community engagement opportunities in January 2021.

Ad-Hoc Council Subcommittee on Goal-Setting Meeting

The Council Subcommittee on Goal-Setting met on Dec. 15, 2020 to discuss the strategic plan and goal-setting process for Fiscal Years 2021-22 and 2022-23.

Watch the public meeting featuring the City's consultant, CivicMakers, about the strategic planning and visioning process, potential dates and key milestones. View the presentation.


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