Council Goals and Accomplishments

CITY COUNCIL MAJOR GOALS Fiscal Years 2017-18 and 2018-19

The City of Mountain View has many critical services, programs and projects under way to fulfill its mission and help make Mountain View a great community to live, work, visit and play. These efforts will continue.  In addition, through a deliberate goal-setting process, the City Council has identified the following four major goals to emphasize during the next two years and the specific projects to fulfill those goals. In pursuit of these achievements, the City will continue to work collaboratively with its regional partners in order to enhance the quality of life for all Mountain View residents.

  • Goal 1: Promote Strategies to Protect Vulnerable Populations and Preserve the Socioeconomic and Cultural Diversity of the Community
  • Goal 2: Improve the Quantity, Diversity and Affordability of Housing with an Added Focus on Middle-Income and Ownership Opportunities
  • Goal 3: Develop and Implement Comprehensive and Coordinated Transportation Strategies to Achieve Mobility, Connectivity and Safety for People of All Ages
  • Goal 4: Promote Environmental Sustainability with a Focus on Measurable Outcomes 

Click here to see a list of specific projects chosen to help achieve these goals (in PDF).

 Significant Accomplishments by Fiscal Year

Previous CITY COUNCIL MAJOR GOALS Fiscal Years 2015-16 and 2016-17


A critical component of a diverse and vibrant City is having an array of housing options. City resources are dedicated to the zoning, planning, inspection, and development of housing in Mountain View. The City is committed to administering housing programs for extremely low to moderate income renters and homebuyers, and providing funding to subsidize affordable housing. In addition to the current efforts underway, it is a priority of the City Council over the next two years to:
  • Update the Accessory Dwelling (Companion) Unit Ordinance
  • Explore opportunities for micro-unit housing
  • Consider a no net loss/minimum density policy
  • Study residential uses in North Bayshore
  • Study East Whisman area for residential uses in conjunction with East Whisman Precise Plan
  • Identify new funding sources and initiate partnerships with affordable housing developers to apply for limited-term State and Federal affordable housing funding
  • Hold outreach meetings and workshops with affordable housing developers to identify barriers to affordable housing and innovative solutions to those obstacles
  • Partner with outside groups to offer bi-annual educational programs at the Library with a housing theme


The City is committed to promoting environmental sustainability projects and systems to protect the natural environment, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, meet water conservation goals, and safeguard the health and well- being of all community members. Priority environmental sustainability efforts over the next two years include:
  • Investigate the feasibility of increasing recycled/reclaimed water use and quality, including possible treatment of recycled water and reclaiming treated groundwater
  • Continue to investigate a Community Choice Energy program in conjunction with Sunnyvale, Cupertino, and Santa Clara County
  • Review the Climate Protection Roadmap, Municipal Operations Climate Action Plan, and Greenhouse Gas Reduction Program; conduct a cost-benefit analysis of the actions; solicit Council Environmental Sustainability Committee and public feedback; and propose and adopt Environmental Sustainability Action Plan-3
  • Develop an Environmental Sustainability Action Plan-3 implementation plan (including goals/milestones)
  • Install solar photovoltaic systems on three City buildings
  • Complete induction lighting replacements
  • Complete Sewage Pump Station and Landfill Flare Station microturbine maintenance and repairs
  • Begin Shoreline at Mountain View Master Plan project
  • Implement the Urban Forestry Management Plan for tree preservation and planting, canopy, and habitat preservation
  • Complete the design and construction of 771 North Rengstorff Avenue
  • Look for opportunities to add garden space to existing open space
  • Include a theme of sustainability in the 2015 Call for Artists
  • Partner with Master Gardeners to offer quarterly educational classes at the Library on environmentally friendly gardening
  • Explore possibility of offering email receipts instead of paper receipts when checking out library materials
  • Hold quarterly educational classes at the Library on topics such as recycling and sustainability
  • Ensure that all City computer monitors turn off after 30 minutes of inactivity


The City is faced with substantial traffic congestion and significant City resources are focused on transportation management, infrastructure maintenance projects, and bicycle and pedestrian mobility improvements. Extensive efforts are underway to mitigate vehicle impacts and expand the mobility and connectivity options of residents. The City Council is committed to the following efforts over the next two years to:
  • Initiate a multi-year process in conjunction with other cities and agencies to improve last mile connections, specifically exploring fixed rail options
  • Make East Whisman Area transportation oriented development improvements
  • Conduct Latham Street/Church Street Bike Boulevard study
  • Provide Calderon Avenue bike lane – Phase I (Villa Street to Mercy Street)
  • Prepare a Multimodal Improvement Plan as required by the Congestion Management Agency
  • Design, permit, and construct Castro/Moffett/Central intersection near term improvements
  • Begin the Transit Center Master Plan
  • Conduct Permanente Creek Trail Extension – West Middlefield Road to McKelvey Park Feasibility Study
  • Analyze Shoreline Boulevard right-of-way and tree impact
  • Design and construct Shoreline Boulevard interim bus lane and utility improvements
  • Design and feasibility study of Charleston Road improvements
  • Preliminary design of Shoreline Boulevard bicycle/pedestrian bridge over Highway 101
  • Conduct North Bayshore semi-annual traffic counts
  • Offer bike-related programs and clinics at the Library