Environmental Planning Commission (EPC)

The Environmental Planning Commission (EPC) formulates and recommends long-range plans, including the General Plan, for the physical development of the City and also establishes and maintains the environmental planning process. The Commission consists of seven members, supported by the Community Development Department's Planning Division.

The general functions of the Commission include:

  • Participating in sub-regional and regional planning;
  • Establishing, maintaining, and monitoring an environmental planning process for the City;
  • Monitoring and communicating with the City Council, public agencies, and citizens concerning the City's environment;
  • Evaluating and communicating with the City Council, public agencies, and citizens concerning the progress of plan implementation; and
  • Coordinating plans of other public agencies affecting the environment

Environmental Planning Commission Workplan
Current Environmental Planning Commission projects are noted in this workplan.

The Environmental Planning Commission usually meets the first and third Wednesday of every month at 7:00 p.m. in the:

Council Chambers or Plaza Conference Room
City Hall, 2nd Floor
500 Castro St.
Mountain View, CA 94041
Meeting dates and location are subject to change. 

Agendas and Minutes
The Current Agenda and supporting documents will be posted the Friday prior to the hearing date by 5:00 p.m. at mountainview.legistar.com. It may be necessary to navigate to the appropriate meeting date. The current agenda is also posted in front of the entrance to City Hall at 500 Castro Street. To view archived meeting agendas, materials, and minutes through December 2019, visit City Records online.

To receive email notifications of posted EPC Agendas, please create an account (or login to an existing account) at MyMV. Once logged in, click on MyMV Home and, under My Notifications, select General - Environmental Planning Commission

Members of the Commission

  • Chair Joyce Yin
  • Vice Chair Hank Dempsey
  • Chris Clark
  • William Cranston
  • Jose Gutierrez
  • Preeti Hehmeyer
  • Alex Nunez

View the Advisory Body Roster for additional information.

To contact Commissioners, you can email them directly (see Advisory Body Roster) or send an email to epc@mountainview.gov.  

Contact Information

For questions or comments, please contact the Planning Division by email at planning.division@mountainview.gov or by phone (650) 903-6306.