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Fire Department Press Release  

MEDIA RELEASE 03182023-01
Subject :

Gas Line Break in the 2000 Block of Latham Street
Contact : Robert Maitland
Fire Department PIO

On Friday, Mach 17 at 11:39 p.m., multiple 9-1-1 calls were received reporting a vehicle crashed into a gas line causing natural gas to leak from a multi-family residence in the 2000 block of Latham Street.

Fire units were dispatched at 11:39 p.m. and arrived on the scene at 11:45 p.m. to find at least 4 natural gas meters in a row of 12 meters alongside a multi-family residence had been damaged by what appeared to be a vehicle strike. A cement bollard was also damaged, and the reported vehicle was not at the accident scene.

Firefighters assessed the situation and called for Pacific Gas and Electric to respond. Firefighters evacuated the affected building and the building next door while they used gas meters to confirm the release of natural gas was not present in either multi-family residence. Two buildings were evacuated, each with approximately 12 units, each unit occupied by two to three residents. Mountain View Police closed traffic in both directions of Latham Street while fire units and equipment were on the scene.

After approximately one hour, fire units completed their investigation of both buildings and confirmed no natural gas had escaped into either multi-family residence. The residents of both buildings were allowed to return to their units after approximately one hour. Traffic was reopened on Latham Street.

There were no reports of injuries. Both buildings were released to PG&E and the property management to finish repairs to the meters and restore gas service to the buildings.

An occupied vehicle matching eyewitness accounts was found by Mountain View Police officers on the 1900 block of Latham Street. Contact Mountain View Police PIO Katie Nelson at for inquiries about the vehicle.