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(Mountain View, Calif.) – On June 23, Mountain View will begin a one-year pilot program to allow dogs to be off-leash in designated, unfenced areas of select local parks. The six parks chosen to participate in the pilot program are Bubb, Cooper, Eagle, McKelvey, Whisman and Cuesta, including Cuesta Annex; however, dogs will only be permitted to be off-leash during posted hours and only in designated Off-Leash Areas.

During an April 22 Council presentation, the results of a 2013 community survey by the Parks and Recreation Commission (PRC) showed that 67 percent of the 744 respondents favored having more unfenced, off-leash dog areas with designated hours in the City. After the PRC held a public input meeting this past February, the commission recommended the pilot study to Councilmembers, who added several more parks to the list.

As a result, dog owners in Mountain View will now be able to let their dogs play off-leash in the designated Off-Leash Areas on weekday mornings from 6:00 a.m. until 10:00 a.m. Whisman Park will have additional evening hours from 5:00 p.m. until just past sunset. Cuesta Park will allow off-leash dogs from 6 a.m. until just past sunset any day of the week; and the attached Cuesta Annex will allow off-leash dogs all week, but only between 6:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. Hours will be clearly posted around each Off-Leash Area.

Starting in mid-June, park-goers at the selected parks can expect to see laminated signs pop up at the designated local parks with posted hours and information on how to contact City staff to give feedback about the pilot program. More permanent signs will be added in a few months in addition to dog bag dispensers so that owners can keep the parks clean – a great comfort to park patrons and to the 2,708 residents in Mountain View, who have licensed their dogs with the City.

“The success of the program is really going to hinge on responsible use by dog owners,” explained Bruce Hurlburt, a dog owner and the City’s Parks and Open Space Manager. “As long as owners maintain control of their pets, it can be a great experience for everyone.”



  • List of parks and hours
  • Example of Off-Leash Area Rules (from Whisman Park)

Maps of the parks available upon request.

Additional Contact: Bruce Hurlburt, Open Space and Parks Manager (650) 903-6262, Bruce.Hurlburt@MountainView.gov


List of Parks and Hours Example of Park Rules for Off-Leash Areas