7/23/2009 Press Release POLICE DEPARTMENT
Pursuant to CA Gov’t Code Sect 6254 (F)

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Saul Jaeger, Sergeant
Public Information Officer
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MEDIA RELEASE crimereports
Subject :

Mountain View Police Department Partners with CrimeReports to Provide Crime Mapping Tool to the Public
Contact : Liz Wylie

In an effort to foster its partnership with community members and with the goals of providing quality information and reducing crime in the city, the Mountain View Police Department has partnered with CrimeReports, the flagship product of Public Engines, Inc., to provide a crime mapping service to the community.

Accessed via the Mountain View Police Department website (www.mvpd.gov) or through the CrimeReports website (www.crimereports.com), members of the public can view most crimes that occur in Mountain View on a user-friendly map.  The service is free to the public and allows community members to receive email alerts if a crime occurs near their home or business. Updated daily, the system identifies the date, time, location, report type, case number and disposition for most crimes. Crime location information is provided at the block or intersection level.

Community members can access crime data almost real time, and zoom in on their neighborhood or view the City as a whole. Various crime types can be separated out and users can specify the time frame they wish to view, from 3 to 30 days worth of data.  This service will provide a significant amount of information to our community members which will encourage awareness about what is going on in their neighborhood. 

The Mountain View Police Department’s community policing efforts encourage all stakeholders to participate in the crime prevention process.  To that end, the Department and the community are partners in identifying and solving crime and developing crime trends.  In addition to providing timely information to the public, the department also hopes community members will use the information to aid the Department in the prevention or solving of crimes occurring in their neighborhoods.  Community members who have information about a crime on the map can call the Police Department and refer to the report number listed for that event.