6/1/2020 City of Mountain View Media Release City of Mountain View
Office of the City Manager
500 Castro St., 3rd Floor
Mountain View, CA 94039

MEDIA RELEASE 06012020-1
Subject :

City Statement on Importance of Diversity in Community and Community Policing
Contact : Katie Nelson
MVPD Public Information Officer
(650) 903-6360

(Mountain View, Calif.) — The fabric that builds the Mountain View community is one that is diverse and vibrant. Those who call Mountain View home come from every walk of life, and as a City, we honor those differences, those histories, and we believe that the heart of every community comes not just from what we similarly love, but very much from the beauty of what makes us all unique.

In the week since the death of George Floyd, we have collectively felt the pain, the anger, and the concern regarding what we all horrifically witnessed. Without trust and transparency between those who protect and serve, and those who call their cities, counties, and states home, communities face even further divides that can lead to irreparable damage.

In Mountain View, we believe in honoring and recognizing our diversity and we believe in making every effort to not only acknowledge challenges in our community, but working together to build one another up and move ever forward, together.

“I share in the sorrow and anger our nation has been expressing in the wake of the tragic death of Mr. George Floyd in Minneapolis and stand in solidarity with those who call out the institutionalized racism that has plagued this country. I have always been proud of Mountain View for our great appreciation of our diversity and our efforts to ensure that we are a community for all, which in fact, has been a City Council goal for the last several years,” said Mayor Margaret Abe-Koga. “Our entire City organization is committed to providing exemplary services and assistance to all of our residents with respect, compassion and care. I appreciate our Mountain View Police Department and each of its members who protect our community with those same values and work hard to build connections and trust within our community."

Mountain View Police Chief Max Bosel released a statement on Friday to the Mountain View community regarding the Department’s condemning the actions of Minneapolis police officers that led to the death of George Floyd, as well as a solemn vow to uphold the expectations of the community regarding officer conduct.

“I want to convey my thoughts and feelings of sorrow for the loss of life and violence in Minneapolis, and reflect on the tragic death of George Floyd and its impact on the fabric of the trust and support that all peace officers in our nation rely on to protect and serve,” Bosel said. “This aberrant, inexcusable, and inexplicable incident has angered the policing profession. It goes against the tremendous service many peace officers across this nation perform each and every day.

“At the Mountain View Police Department, we will continue to focus on our commitment to the values, ethical standards, and priorities of our City, our Department and our community. We will continue to do all we can to provide exceptional service to you by working first and foremost with compassion and care for all. We are honored to be able to protect and serve all those who call Mountain View home.”

Deputy Police Chief Chris Hsiung echoed Chief Bosel’s sentiments, saying that in his more than 25 years in law enforcement, the oath to protect and serve all with care and compassion hasn’t changed.

“As someone who has spent more than 25 years in this profession, our oath hasn’t changed from our first day on the job – we promised to protect and serve all of those in our community. We promised to build bridges, not barriers. We promised to be the best we could be, not just for us, but for you,” he said. “To protect and serve applies to all. We, as a profession, must honor that. We must be better. We must never stop trying to be better. And we must continue to build trust and dialogue with the communities we serve.”

The Mountain View Police Department continues to make its policies, procedures, and Policing Plan available to view at any time at mvpd.gov. The Department also incorporates many of President Barack Obama’s 21st Century Policing Task Force Final Report recommendations as part of their operations and training curriculum, which was prepared in 2016 and continues to serve as a model to law enforcement agencies today. For Mountain View, much of what the report recommended was already in practice at the Department before the report was published.