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Mountain View Strengthens Support for Immigrant and Minority Families
Contact : Melvin Gaines
Principal Analyst
(650) 903-6397

(Mountain View, Calif.) — At their October 24, 2017 meeting, Mountain View City Councilmembers unanimously supported additional policy language to strengthen a longstanding citywide commitment to preserving diversity and providing security for immigrant families in our community. The newly adopted language reinforces that the City is prohibited from contributing to identity based registries; detaining, relocating or interning individuals on the basis of religion, national origin or ethnicity; and will not enforce federal civil immigration laws. These additions further the City Council's major goal to "Promote Strategies to Protect Vulnerable Populations and Preserve the Socioeconomic and Cultural Diversity of the Community."

The new changes will be combined with the standing Equitable Communities Resolution, which was approved on May 23, 2017.. Specifically, the following language will be added: “The City of Mountain View does not use resources to create, implement, provide investigation or information for enforcement, or otherwise assist or support any government program requiring the registration of individuals, creation of a database of individuals, and/or detention relocation or internment of individuals on the basis of religion, national origin, or ethnicity.” And: “It is neither the City of Mountain View’s mission nor role to enforce federal immigration laws. Members of the City’s Police Department will not detain or arrest any person on the basis of a person’s citizenship or status under civil immigration laws.”

In addition to the new language, Councilmembers directed the staff to implement five action items, which include prohibiting City staff from requiring anyone to report their immigration status before providing City services, benefits or opportunities unless required by law; review all City policies to make sure information collected is limited; remove questions regarding immigration status from all City forms and applications unless required by law; make information about the City’s immigration policies easy to access and readily available; allow the use of country of origin documents for identification instead of requiring a U.S. driver’s license or identification card.

To learn more about the Equitable Communities Resolution and other City initiatives to support local immigrant families, visit www.MountainView.gov/CommunityforALL.

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Secondary Contact:
Shonda Ranson, Communications Coordinator

(650) 903-6302, SRanson@mountainview.gov