Welcome to the City of Mountain View - a great place where change begins. 

Located at the center of the technology industry between San Francisco and San Jose, Mountain View remains unparalleled in innovation and business success. As part of that success, Mountain View is home to world class businesses such as 23 and Me, Google, Intuit, LinkedIn, Microsoft and VeriSign as well as a variety of small businesses, restaurants and non-profit organizations that thrive in the City’s supportive climate.

The City of Mountain View understands the needs of a vibrant local economy and fosters relationships with the business community. Because of our progressive and proactive programs, Mountain View is able to adjust to the ever-changing business climate, keeping us well-positioned for success in the 21st century.

Mountain View prides itself on the spirit of cooperation that continues to foster a remarkable concentration of entrepreneurial spirit, innovative thinking, technical creativity and intellectual energy.

Whether an existing business or an interested entrepreneur, you can learn more about a full range of Business and Economic Development services by following the links below. For more information about the City of Mountain View, please visit the City’s About Us page or contact City Hall at (650) 903-6300 during regular business hours.