Water Conservation


Keep watering your trees.  As you cut back on water use, you may not realize the impact to your trees. Tree loss is very costly, not only the expense of removal, but also the loss in beauty to the community. Even if you've reduced your water use elsewhere, keep watering your trees. Click here for tips and information about watering trees during the drought.

Updated drought restrictions.  On Tuesday, June 14th, the Mountain View City Council approved moving from a Stage 2 Water Shortage (11-25% reduction) to a Stage 1 Water Shortage (up to 10% reduction) in response to improved water supply conditions. Click here for details on updated water use restrictions.

Keep up the good work!   Water use during July was 28% less than in 2013. Since the drought was declared January 2014, Mountain View customers have saved 2.38 billion gallons of water. Click here to see a month to month comparison of water use.

WaterInsight.  The new WaterInsight program helps residents analyze how water is used within the home, and offers tips for saving water. Look for your reports in the mail, or access them online at mountainview.waterinsight.com.

How do you save water? Click here to send us your tips for saving water, and inspire others to do the same.  



Improve your home's water-efficiency with several rebates and services, including a personal visit to your home by a water conservation expert, free of charge.



In cooperation with the Santa Clara Valley Water District, Mountain View offers several services and rebate programs tailored to our local businesses. Among the most popular is our free toilet installation program. Call to have water-saving toilets installed in your business today.



Discover the many resources available for creating a beautiful water-wise garden. Programs include free water-efficient landscaping classes and rebates for water-wise plants and efficient irrigation equipment. 



Find games, videos and lesson plans designed specifically for teachers and students.