Community Development


Mission Statement

To provide land use, building development, neighborhood protection, economic development, and environmental policy services.


The Community Development Department is responsible for the review of development and building activity to ensure compliance with zoning and building codes, the achievement of economic development goals, General Plan policies, the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), housing policies, and community values. The department assists the community in establishing land use and neighborhood plans and ensures the quality of new projects through the design and development review process. The Department staffs the Environmental Planning Commission (EPC), the Council Neighborhoods Committee, the Downtown Committee, and the Visual Arts Committee in addition to establishing and maintaining communications with citizens, developers, businesses, other governmental agencies, and City departments. The Department also provides technical and policy support to the City Manager and other departments.

News & Announcements

Neighborhood Grant Program Applications Available NOW. Submittal deadline date is 6%2F7%2F2010Apply NOW for a Neighborhood Grant

Deadline for submittal is Tuesday, May 31.


Request for Proposals for Public Art in Community Center

The City of Mountain View's Visual Arts Committee is issuing a Request for Proposals for the Community Center Remodel Project starting May 2, 2016

( RFP/ Site Plan )

East Whisman Precise Plan

The City has launched the East Whisman Precise Plan webpage in preparation for the first City Council meeting on the plan.