2/23/2009 Press Release POLICE DEPARTMENT
Pursuant to CA Gov’t Code Sect 6254 (F)

Community Action & Information Unit
Saul Jaeger, Sergeant
Public Information Officer
1000 Villa Street, Mountain View, CA 94041
Ph. (650) 903-6345

Subject :

Four Arrested in Connection with Hate Crime
Contact : Liz Wylie

On February 21, 2009, at approximately 1:25AM, a hate crime occurred in the 200 block of Castro St. in downtown Mountain View.  Four suspects were arrested in connection with this crime.

Just before 1:30AM, four victims left a bar in a group to walk to their car, which was parked in the city-owned lot behind the businesses in the 200 block of Castro St.  As they walked towards the car, they spoke in their native language of Hindi.  Two female suspects began to harass the group as they walked, making racially charged comments about their native language and ethnicity. 

The two female suspects approached the female victim and began punching and slapping her.  The victim’s husband attempted to intervene by pushing one of the suspects away from his wife.  Four to six male suspects appeared and dragged the husband away from his wife and began punching and kicking him. 

The two remaining male victims also tried to intervene, but they were punched as well.  The suspects all fled in two different vehicles.  The victims were able to remember one of the vehicle license plates and provided that to the officers.  Three of the victims, including the female, suffered from complaints of pain but had no visible injuries.  The husband of the female victim suffered numerous but minor visible injuries.  He declined medical attention.

Using the vehicle license plate obtained by the victims, MVPD officers learned the registered owner of the vehicle lived in East Palo Alto.  Officers issued a BOL to surrounding agencies with the description of the cars and suspects.  They also began working with EPAPD officers to attempt to locate our suspects. 

Coincidentally, EPAPD was investigating a shooting that had occurred, reportedly at the address of the registered owner of the vehicle we were looking for.  EPAPD officers informed our officers that some of the people in the waiting room of Stanford Hospital in connection with their case stated they had been in Mountain View earlier. 

At about 4:30AM, MVPD officers went to Stanford Hospital to continue their investigation.  At the hospital, officers ultimately arrested two suspects on charges of committing a hate crime.  The investigation continued and detectives were able to identify two additional suspects.  One of the additional suspects was located by EPAPD officers during a car stop in their city.  At about 10:30AM, we responded and arrested the subject of their car stop on one count of committing a hate crime. 

A few hours later, at about 4:50PM, we arrested a female suspect who had come to the Mountain View Police Department to be interviewed about her involvement in this case.  She was also charged with committing a hate crime.

Our investigation thus far has shown that the shooting victim from EPAPD’s case was not involved in our case and was not with the suspects in our case when the hate crime occurred.  Reports from EPAPD to reporters stated that they do not believe the shooting happened in E. Palo Alto at all.  Thus far, despite the connection in the two cases, we have found no evidence to show the shooting occurred in our city.

This investigation is ongoing and more information will be released as it becomes available. 

The arrested suspects are as follows:

Arrested at Stanford Hospital – Frisco Tuipulotu, 23 yrs. old from EPA
                                                   Richard Juarez, 23 yrs. old from EPA

Arrested after stopped by EPAPD – Tuuta Tuipulotu, 20 yrs. old from EPA

Arrested at MVPD – Caroline Evaimalo, 24 yrs. old from EPA