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California High Speed Rail Activities in Mountain View

Caltrain is in the process of studying the operational viability of, and potential alternatives for, a blended Caltrain/California High-Speed Rail system in Caltrain's Peninsula Corridor through the proposed Caltrain Modernization (CalMod) Program. The CalMod Program will electrify and upgrade the performance, operating efficiency, capacity, safety and reliability of Caltrain's commuter rail service by 2019. The CalMod Program will also help prepare the Peninsula rail corridor to eventually accommodate California's State-wide high-speed rail service which is planned for 2029. Along the Peninsula rail corridor, it is anticipated that Caltrain and high-speed rail will share Caltrain's existing tracks, operating as a blended system.

In October 2012, Caltrain formed a new policymaker group for cities along the Peninsula corridor to participate in the CalMod Program planning process.

The Council Rail Corridor Committee meets on an as-needed basis regarding rail corridor-related topics.


2/28/14    Caltrain released the Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) for the Peninsula
               Corridor Electrification Project. Comments on the DEIR will be accepted during
               a 60-day comment period from February 28 to April 29, 2014. For additional
               information and to view the DEIR, please contact the Caltrain office (1250 San
               Carlos Avenue, San Carlos) or visit the Mountain View Library.
Caltrain/HSR Blended Service Plan Operations Analysis.  The study analyzes the
               different modernized Caltrain and blended system operating scenarios,
               including various blended system passing track options.
7/15/13    Caltrain/HSR Blended Grade Crossing and Traffic Analysis.  The study broadly
               examines how certain prototypical modernized Caltrain and blended system
               train schedules affect gate downtime and local traffic conditions at the system's
               at-grade crossings. 
12/20/12  CalMod's first Local Policy Makers Meeting at Caltrain/SamTrans Offices,
              1250 San Carlos Avenue, San Carlos
10/23/12  Council High Speed Rail Commitee renamed as Council Rail Corridor Committee
07/06/12  CHSRA Statement on passage of SB 1029

06/19/12  City Comments to State Senator Simitian
04/12/12  CHSRA Approves Revised 2012 Business Plan
04/12/12  Press Release
04/02/12  Draft Revised 2012 Business Plan
  Hearing on HSR with State Senator Joe Simitian 
03/00/12  CHSRA San Francisco-San Jose Project Update
11/07/11  CHSRA releases the High-Speed Rail Draft Business Plan. (CHSRA press release)
06/23/11  CHSRA finalizes federal grant agreement for design work on San Francisco
               Peninsula. (CHSRA
press release)
06/02/11  CHSRA elects new chairman, Thomas J. Umberg. (CHSRA
press release)
03/03/11  The Draft EIR/EIS originally scheduled to be released in Dec 2010 will now be
               delayed at least until Fall 2012. 
(CHSRA press release on timing of
               Environmental Review)
12/09/10  CHSRA receives up to $624 million in additional Federal funding. (CHSRA
               press release on $624M)
12/02/10  Federal funding for HSR dedicated to Central Valley. (CHSRA press release on
               Approved Start)

Project Description:

In November 2008, California voters approved $9.95 billion in bonds (Proposition 1A) to design, environmentally clear and begin construction of a high-speed rail system between Northern and Southern California.  The Program Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the system selected a local alignment traveling from San Francisco to San Jose and Gilroy along the Caltrain corridor and then over the Pacheco Pass to the Central Valley.  The trains will travel at approximately 220 mph in rural areas and approximately 125 mph in urban areas.  The project is managed by the CHSRA.

A Council High-Speed Rail Subcommittee was appointed by the Mayor as a focal point to exchange information and receive input from the community. At its October 23, 2012 meeting, the City Council reconstituted the Council High-Speed Rail Committee as the Council Rail Corridor Committee and expanded its scope to include proposed blended high-speed rail/Caltrain operations and the CalMod Program.

The City’s urban designer, Freedman Tung & Sasaki, prepared conceptual drawings of how the various high-speed rail alternatives might look at Castro Street and Rengstorff Avenue. These drawings are posted in the Public Works Department lobby at City Hall, 500 Castro Street, the Library and below:

Castro Street with HSR At-Grade 
Castro Street with HSR Above-Grade
Castro Street with HSR in Trench
Castro Street Section Underpass
Castro Street Elevation Aerial Structure
Rengstorff Avenue with HSR At-Grade
Rengstorff Avenue with HSR Above-Grade
Rengstorff Avenue with HSR in Trench
Street View Renderings

The City of Mountain View submitted its comments on the Preliminary Alternatives Analysis (AA) to the California High-Speed Rail Authority (CHSRA) on June 30, 2010. The City's letter and AA are available below under "Related Links". 

Related Links:

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Mayor's Letter to The Honorable Anna Eshoo 1/13/11
Mayor's Letters to HSR Authority, VTA and Caltrain 11/17/10
City Council Meeting on Draft Letters Related to HSR 11/16/10
City Council Study Session on HSR Station 09/13/10
City Comment Letter on CHSRA Preliminary AA, 6/30/10
City Council Meeting on Alternative Analysis, 06/22/10
City Council Study Session on Alternative Analysis, 05/25/10
City Informational Meeting on Alternative Analysis, 05/03/10
City Informational Meeting on HSR, 12/10/09
City Notices on High-Speed Rail
California High-Speed Rail Project
CAHSR San Francisco to San Jose Project

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