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What's Recyclable?

Mountain View accepts a variety of recyclables in the residential, business and school recycling programs based on market value and sustainability.  However, recyclables that do not have enough market value to merit the costs of collection and processing may still be accepted at the SMaRT Station's Drop-Off Center (such as plastic buckets, scrap metal, and polystyrene packaging foam and peanuts).  Sorry, plastic bags are no longer accepted at the SMaRT station drop off.  Please recycle plastic bags at your local grocery store.  Stores offer inexpensive, reusable bags for purchase.  

See below for a general overview of what's recyclable.  Be sure to check the labels on your recycling containers to determine where recyclables should be placed.

For a detailed list of what's recyclable, click here

For a chart showing where to recycle, click here. 

NEW SERVICES (July 2013)
In addition to this general overview of what's recyclable, see also recycling for Homes, Apartments, Businesses & Schools. 

Mixed Containers
Glass bottles and jars, plastic bottles and wide-mouth tubs marked #1 through #7, metal cans and lids (tin, steel and aluminum). Plastic caps and lids are only accepted if marked #1 through #7.  Leaving caps on salad oil or olive oil bottles is allowed. 

NO window glass, plastic bags, plastic trays, plastic wrap, cooking pots, hangers, plastic plant pots or tray.  No other metal, plastic or glass is accepted. It must be a bottle, jar or tub to be accepted.

Mixed Paper
Newspapers, catalogs, telephone books, magazines, cereal boxes, junk mail, shredded paper, writing paper, and small pieces of flattened cardboard. 

NO plastic bags, paper milk/soy/juice cartons, or pizza boxes with stains/food residue, paper egg cartons, cushioned mailers (bubble wrap inside) or tyvex envelopes.
REMOVE any plastic bags or wrapping around newspapers, magazines, junk mail, and cardboard boxes (e.g. soda cases). 

For residential properties, large cardboard should be cut into pieces about 3'x3' and placed against the recycling cart for manual collection. If you have several pieces of carboard, please tie or bundle pieces together for better collection. Place small cardboard pieces into the mixed paper side of cart (grey lid).

Businesses and schools may place cardboard in the mixed recycling or cardboard dumpsters. 

NO plastic wrap.  REMOVE any plastic wrap around cardboard boxes (e.g. soda cases).

Motor Oil and Oil Filters (homes only)
Put used motor oil and filters in containers provided by Recology Mountain View (650-967-3034) and set on top of curb near the split-cart.

You may also take used motor oil, filters, and antifreeze ONLY to the SMaRT Station, 301 Carl Road, Sunnyvale for free disposal (408-752-8530).  These items are accepted at the SMaRT Station Drop Off Center, which is different than the County Household Hazardous Waste Program.  The County Household Hazardous Waste Program is operated by the County on behalf of cities and is a monthly drop off event by appointment only (on land owned by the City of Sunnyvale nearby the Station).

Household Batteries (homes only)
Place used household batteries in the bag provided by Recology Mountain View (650-967-3034) and set on top of split-cart. Recology will collect and is supposed to provide you with a new battery bag.  For home safety, we recommend that you tape battery terminals before putting them in the battery bag to reduce the risk of fire and other hazards at your home.

You may also take used household batteries to either the Mountain View Recycling Center, 935 Terra Bella Avenue, Mountain View or to the SMaRT Station, 301 Carl Road, Sunnyvale for free disposal at their Drop Off Center (408-752-8530).   Note this is a different program and location than the County Household Hazardous Waste Program which is a monthly drop off event by appointment only (on land owned by the City of Sunnyvale nearby the Station).