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Community Development

The Community Development Department is responsible for the review of development and building activity to ensure compliance with zoning and building codes, economic development goals, General Plan policies, the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and community values.The department assists the community in establishing land use plans, affordable housing and neighborhood programs and ensures the quality of new projects through the design and development review process.The Department staffs the Environmental Planning Commission (EPC), the Council Neighborhoods Committee, Downtown Committee the Visual Arts Committee and other citizen committees.

Planning Division
Planning participates in long-range local and regional planning activities and is responsible for all matters concerning the implementation of the Zoning Ordinance, including the issuance of use permits, variance requests and planned unit development permits.This division assembles community data; develops and maintains the City's General Plan, Precise Plans and Zoning Ordinance; reviews and administers zone change proposals; provides primary staffing to the EPC; reviews private development projects for design and compliance with the Zoning Ordinance; is responsible for CEQA review and subdivision design; and provides information to the public on regulations, zoning codes and development projects.

The division also holds hearings on proposed projects throught the Development Review Committee and the Zoning Administrator.

Economic Development Division
Economic Development is responsible for the City-wide economic develop­ment program.Economic Development staff serves as a primary contact and liaison with prospective new businesses who may need assistance in finding and developing an appropriate site.Another key function is retaining existing businesses by responding to situations where a business may need to expand or relocate.The program includes outreach efforts such as the corporate visitation program and regional economic development programs.

The Economic Development Division is also responsible for staffing the Downtown Committee and works closely with downtown businesses, property owners and developers.

Neighborhood Preservation Division
Neighborhood Preservation handles a variety of neighborhood and housing-related issues, including affordable housing information, the Below-Market-Rate (BMR) housing program, a volunteer mediation program for neighborhood and tenant/landlord disputes, and other activities that support housing opportunities and promote quality neighborhoods. This division also administers the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) and HOME Federal funds. These grants funds benefit primarily low- and moderate-income citizens by funding affordable housing projects and community services and improvements.

The division is also responsible for staffing the Council Neighborhoods Committee, that hold neighborhood meetings throughout the City.

Building Inspection Division
The Building Inspection Division provides "one-stop" permit processing services to the public.The division, which includes new construction fire prevention functions, reviews all construction plans in a coordinated and efficient manner to ensure compliance with the Building and Fire Code.The Building Division also inspects buildings under construction to ensure that they comply with these codes.In addition, Building Inspection staff provides information to citizens regarding home improvement regulations.

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Housing Element Update
The Housing Element establishes a comprehensive, long-term plan to address the housing needs of the City of Mountain View. It is the primary document regarding the development, rehabilitation, and preservation of housing for all economic segments of the population. The Draft Housing Element Update is an update of the Housing Element, which focuses on the City's housing needs from January 31, 2015 through January 31, 2023.

Precise Plan Updates

El Camino Real and San Antonio Precise Plans

North Bayshore Precise Plan

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GSA Solicitation for Space
Federal Agency Seek 35,000+ sf of Office Space.
Planning Division Update
List of development projects and long range studies last updated April 7, 2014
Employee Homebuyer Program
The City has created a new homebuyer program to assist eligible City employees to purchase a home in Mountain View.
The Village at San Antonio