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Booking Information

What are the booking procedures?
When can I book the Center?
What kind of deposit do I need to make?
How much does it cost to rent the Center?
How many seats are in the theatre?
How far out do I have to book?

The Mountain View Center for the Performing Arts seeks to enrich Bay Area audiences through enjoyment, celebration and interaction with the arts. The Center is dedicated to providing entertainment opportunities for its patrons, access to its 600-seat MainStage, 200-seat SecondStage and 300-seat ParkStage for Licensees, and education and outreach opportunities to the community.  The Center encourages all Licensees to participate in community outreach.

BOOKING PROCEDURES This information outlines general guidelines that will assist you in deciding to book a space here at the Center. If you have questions that are not answered here, please contact the Center’s Booking Coordinator at 650-903-6556.
First, contact the Booking Coordinator at 650-903-6556 or by emailing jenn@mvcpa.com to find out if your date(s) are available. If dates are available please fill out the Request for Booking form and submit it along with your 501(c)3 letter (if applicable), a $200 first deposit check made payable to the City of Mountain View.  There is a $200 rush booking fee for all requests made under 16 weeks.
Primary Booking
Primary Booking is conducted in January of each year for the following October through September.
All requests for Primary booking are due the first Friday of each year.

Request Due
         Period Booked
January 5, 2013     October 2013 – September 2014  
All requests received after the January deadline will be processed as secondary bookings.
Secondary Booking
Requests are accepted year-round and must be received a minimum of sixteen (16) weeks prior to dates requested.  Some late bookings may not appear in Preview Magazine and some calendar listings depending on production deadlines.  All Secondary requests for bookings require a $200.00 deposit.  Any requests received less than sixteen (16) weeks are subject to a $200.00 rush booking fee.
Request for Booking
Please make all requests in writing via a Request for Booking application. Applications can be downloaded from the link above, or requested from the Center’s Booking Coordinator at 650-903-6556.
License Agreement
License Agreements and estimates will be issued once a complete Request for Booking is received and approved by Staff. Nonprofit applications will need to include a copy of the organizations 501(c)(3) with current address. To ensure service for a successful event, all requests are dependent upon staff availability. License Agreements are signed by a responsible party representing the organization or group who has contractual authority for such an application. Licensee can designate a staff member other than the contract signatory to be in charge of Events in their Arrangement. This person or a designated alternate shall be in the Center during all rehearsals and performances and available to Center Staff until the Center is vacated. Any staff member designated on the License Agreement as an Authorized Representative will be allowed to make financial decisions that may impact the estimated fees. Once the Center has received both signed copies of the License Agreement and a check for the deposit indicated in the License Agreement, dates are considered confirmed. License Agreements are due back to the Center within ten (10) days of the date they were issued.
 Once the License Agreement is signed by both parties, the Center will give specific deadlines for detailed information. Depending on the schedule, some information may be due at time of signing. Marketing and Ticket Services Worksheet Please return the completed Marketing and Ticket Services Worksheet to the Center’s Marketing & Public Relations Manager at least six (6) months prior to the first performance, or at time of signing. Audience Services Worksheet Please complete and return the Audience Services Worksheet at least eight (8) weeks prior to the date of the first performance. Reception Booking Request Please complete and return the Reception Booking Request at least eight (8) weeks prior to the first performance. Technical Information To provide you with all the technical resources your event will require, it is highly recommended that you schedule a Pre-Production Meeting with the Center’s Technical Services Manager at least eight (8) weeks prior to load-in. Technical staff requirements are estimated at the time of your booking. In your Pre-Production Meeting, you may request an adjustment to crew levels and call times. The Center has the final decision on staffing requirements to ensure everyone’s safety, the smoothest possible operation of Center equipment, and the ultimate success of each event. Billing will be based on the actual hours worked, subject to the guidelines outlined in the Facility Fee Schedule.
Guidelines To ensure a successful event, please comply with the guidelines and procedures of the Center as administered by Center Staff or your organization may face cancellation and forfeiture of deposit and future booking dates. Ticketing The Center’s ticketing system is used to generate all tickets for any event where the public is charged a fee to attend. The system includes integrated internet ticketing sales, which is the exclusive outlet for sales on the internet. If your organization wishes to sell tickets for your event, please make advance arrangements with the Ticket Services Manager for consignment tickets or indirect orders. Please note that both consignment tickets and indirect orders involve fees to the Licensee. Each person attending a performance must have a ticket, regardless of age. A basic event setup in the ticketing system is included with your License Fee, including: a single seating arrangement; single, simple price structure; one-time hold on seats up to 10% of the house; and one-time release of excess holds. Additional ticket services provided will be billed to the Licensee with the final reconciliation; please see Marketing and Ticket Services Guidelines and the Fee Schedule for more information. Advertising and Promotions To ensure accurate event information and avoid added expense, please do not distribute advertising or publicize your booking request until you receive a copy of the Facilities License Agreement signed by all parties. It is only at this time that your use of the Center is confirmed. Your organization, the Licensee, agrees to read and comply with Center marketing requirements. All uses of the Center’s name and/or logo and telephone numbers (including references to, or descriptions of the Center) need to be approved by the Marketing & Public Relations Manager prior to printing, display or other use/distribution. Non-standard Information Your organization may be required to furnish in writing, before an Arrangement, any information needed by the Center to determine arrangements, special services, labor, and equipment necessary to the staging, management and success of the Arrangement. Please provide this information to avoid added expenditures, cancellation and forfeiture of deposit and future booking dates. Non-standard guidelines The Center can impose additional requirements or set special Facility License Agreements, whether or not expressly provided herein, which may be necessary to the operation of the Center. Any such additions are binding upon Licensee, provided they are incorporated into the specific agreement or addendum thereto and signed by the Licensee and Center Executive Director.   PROCEDURES OF USE
Additional Usage Hours If you require additional stage access for setup, rehearsals or load in or out on days that have not previously been contracted, please contact the Center’s Booking Coordinator at 650-903-6556 to request additional bookings. If available, the Center will add this time to your existing License Agreement, billable according to the Facility Fee Schedule. Staffing Center Staff is responsible for determining staffing levels and assigning all staff for Center events. Please make advance arrangements with the Operations Manager and Technical Services Manager if you would like to provide backstage personnel. Any non-Center personnel will be responsible to Center Staff. Center Staff will also determine the skills needed to operate various house equipment and whether Licensee personnel are qualified to operate said equipment. Center Staff will determine the need for security personnel , who must be provided at the Licensee’s expense. All staff furnished by the Center, beyond those identified as inclusive, are billed to you according to the Facility Fee Schedule.

Rehearsal Studio The Rehearsal Studio is not included in your booking unless you specifically request it. If you think you need it, please request it as early as possible. You may include the Rehearsal Studio on the Request for Booking Form. There are no kitchen or sink facilities near the Rehearsal Studio. Capacity: Rehearsal Studio approximate capacities are as follows: Standing: 150 Lecture seating: 84 Seated capacities are approximate - please confirm your setup with the Audience Services Manager.

The Facility Fee Schedule is enacted by the Mountain View City Council. Fees are subject to change each July 1st, or for cost-based fees, at any time additional costs are incurred by the Center.  The Center charges your Arrangement according to the Fees Schedule approved as of your performance dates. As a result, estimates should be considered as guidelines only and subject to change.

Basic Facility Fees Normal heating and air conditioning, janitorial and engineering service, stage draperies, loading dock facilities, in-house stage lighting equipment, in-house sound equipment, dressing rooms and backstage facilities are generally included.. Ticket staff are provided for all ticketed performance periods (2 hours). Ushers will be provided at the Center's discretion. A Facility Supervisor and a House Manager  are  provided at the standard rates.  The Facility Supervisor is required  whenever any Licensee staff or patrons are on the premises.

Additional Facility Fees Please note, the cost of all other services and equipment, including, but not limited to, additional Center Staff, ticket office services, security, piano use, and merchandising percentage, not listed in the Basic Facility Fee section, are charged services.

Patron Fees Patrons are charged for ticket services according to the method of purchase. Please consult the Facility Fee Schedule for a listing of these fees. The Center charges all patrons a Facility Use Fee for each ticket purchased. Please consult the Facility Fee Schedule for more information. If your organization requests consignment tickets or indirect order processing as part of your ticket services, please collect the Facility Use Fee for the Center from your patrons for each consignment ticket or each ticket requested through indirect order processing. The Center will collect this fee from your organization at reconciliation. A limited number of complimentary tickets are available without incurring a Facility Use Fee. Please contact the Ticket Services Manager for details.

Deposits Deposits are determined by the Executive Director.  The deposit is due and payable with your signed Facility License Agreement.  All deposits and fees shall be paid in the form of cash or check; we do not accept credit cards as a form of payment on Facility License Agreements or for final invoiced amounts.

Holiday Fees When you book a space on a holiday recognized by the City of Mountain View, additional facility fees and staffing charges may apply.

Billing Increments The Center will bill in full hour increments, regardless of the portion used. We begin the time billed from the moment the Facility Supervisor arrives until the time they depart.

Payment of Fees There are other fees charged by outside agencies, for which your organization may be responsible, such as:

State, County or local taxes incurred from the sale of any merchandise (i.e., CDs, books, souvenirs, etc.). Royalties incurred by a performance in the Center. Copyright applications. Possessory use tax, calculated on the Facility License Fee you pay to the Center, and charged by the County of Santa Clara.
The Center makes all payments to the organization that contracted the Arrangement and mails to the address listed on the License Agreement unless an authorized address change has been filed prior to reconciliation. For nonprofit organizations, the Center must use the organization’s name and address listed on the 501(c)(3). No second-party payments will be made. Merchandise and on-site cash collection The Center receives twenty percent (20%) of gross sales for all merchandise, and of any money collected on the premises. These fees are billed to the Licensee as part of the final reconciliation. To arrange merchandise sales, please contact the Audience Services Manager.
Licensee is required to provide the CITY a One Million Dollar ($1,000,000) minimum bodily injury and property damage insurance policy. In the event the Licensee does not have such a policy, the Center may recommend a CITY agent. A certificate of insurance must be received no later than three (3) weeks prior to the first day of the Arrangement and must include coverage for all performance and nonperformance periods noted in the License Agreement. Insurance must be provided from a Company rated at least A: VII in the latest Best’s Insurance Guide.
The cancellation of any Arrangement, or portion thereof, must be made by the Licensee's Authorized Representative in writing to the Center's Executive Director at 500 Castro Street, P.O. Box 7540, Mountain View, California, 94039-7540. Ticketed Performances Notification of cancellation of the agreement once executed: LICENSEE is responsible for (50%) percent of the base facility fees, and additional expenses incurred by the CITY in service of the License. Notification of cancellation of the agreement after the Preview deadline: LICENSEE is responsible for (75%) percent of the base facility fees, and additional expenses incurred by the CITY in service of the License. Notification of cancellation of the agreement after the Arrangement has been entered on the Center's ticketing system: LICENSEE is responsible for (100%) percent of the base facility fees, and additional expenses incurred by the CITY in service of the License. Non-ticketed Performances Notification of cancellation of the agreement once executed: LICENSEE is responsible for (50%) percent of the base facility fees, and additional expenses incurred by the CITY in service of the License. Notification of cancellation of the agreement less than ninety (90) days prior to the Arrangement: LICENSEE is responsible for (75%) percent of the base facility fees, and additional expenses incurred by the CITY in service of the License. Notification of cancellation of the agreement less than sixty (60) days prior to the Arrangement: LICENSEE is responsible for (100%) percent of the base facility fees, and additional expenses incurred by the CITY in service of the License. Cancellation Costs Costs for cancellation of the agreement for ticketed or non-ticketed performances will include actual costs incurred by the CITY as a result of the cancellation in addition to the total estimated facility fees. For very late cancellations this may include labor charges for scheduled stagehands, house managers, or ticket staff. CITY will provide a statement of charges to LICENSEE, and LICENSEE shall pay in full for all facility fees and charges within thirty (30) days of the original contracted Arrangement date. Provided the CITY books the canceled date(s) to another party, LICENSEES  may receive a rebate totaling the new booking fee (but not to exceed the cancellation fee), less administrative and labor costs. 
Dark Days Licensee may be required to clear the stage or a portion thereof, especially downstage of the Main Drape, on dark days in order to accommodate other bookings (See License Agreement General Terms and Conditions). Lighting may remain in place, although it will be re-focused as needed. Please take this into consideration when designing sets.  CATEGORIES OF LICENSEES Home Company Home Company status is conferred by City Council, and denotes a multi-year agreement between the Center and the Licensee.   Nonprofit Nonprofit status is given only to organizations recognized as tax-exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and related sections as now or hereafter amended. These organizations must provide a copy of their current IRS 501(c)(3) approval with their organization’s current address to the Center with their Booking Request to receive any rate benefit associated with this category. The Center gives booking priority to performing arts organizations within this category.   Commercial Any organization not qualifying for nonprofit status. The Center gives booking priority to performing arts organizations within this category.